Awkward denial

It is the divorce, a done deal. Things just cannot continue this way. Alfonso is out late till his salary is gone in gambling. Kate just waited in vain; hopeless.

Here he comes;

Kate: Welcome dear; murmuring.

Alfonso: You are starting again. I don’t like this tone and I told you many times.

Kate: Well, stop being late till dawn then.

Alfonso: I am happy like that, and we agreed on divorce, right?

Kate: But I still love you like crazy.

Alfonso: I do not feel the same anymore.

Kate collapses and he lifted her from the floor and drove fast to the hospital.

Doctor: Sorry, she could not make it. It was a heat stroke. Is she your wife?

Alfonso: No. Just an assumption.


First Anniversary

By the first anniversary on Word Press,  a hundred fifty tow posts and  a wonderful one hundred and one followers; continue or disappear? Does it need another though? Another year! Maybe..

Who knows…life is always full of surprises;

regardless of painful tears.



toxic knowledge..

complications; at day..

during night, further deeper complication..

being single, complication..

being married, with or without kids, complications…

be it happy or sad youth; complicated

being in love; somehow complex..

lost beloved ones or meet new ones; complicates your misery…

rich or poor, through out summer or spring, complicated..

still searching for a job or once employed, complex formula..

the good old days, seems less complicated..

funeral day; complex?

yes, your funeral mate..

feel it none!…toxic knowledge.

the donkey…

By the time his manager reached, Alfonso was just about to finish welding the window main frame surrounding a blue crystal reflected glass. Boss shouted in anger; we need to deliver the windows to the jewelry shop today, the opening ceremony is at the weekend. Alfonso stood up staring straight between the angry boss’s eyes showing drops of sweat on his cheeks and smiled; sure boss, do not worry, it will be ready in no time. Then, you better put more efforts; screamed the furious Boss again.

Alfonso left for the day. While walking on his way home he saw a donkey beside the garbage trolley. The donkey was staring at Alfonso and his eyes looked as if saying something. Alfonso went closer and closer, the donkey kept staring; now he started to get furious sending his long ears back wards. Alfonso got scarred and left the pavement towards the asphalt.

Gosh; the donkey is less patient than me; Alfonso wondered what would the donkey do to a snappy Boss?! A slight kick; maybe.


..”Do You?”..

Do you understand trampled emotions?

Fed up; Do you?

Do you really understand your improvisations?

Does it seem defected?

Incompleteness; Do you care?

Lame signs; how many Do you?

Late adolescence inspirational; Do you?

Dry emotional attachment; Do you spiteful?

Illogically counterproductive rebel; Do you?

Narrow dark prominence; Do you manage?

Returned loved ones; dialogue refusal; Do you?

Challenge corrupted soul; Do you?

Developed arrogance; Do you?

Sophisticated ‘’Do You’’ concepts! Did you?


Flaunt in and out..would she remember tulips?

If yes. Then why souls lost essence?..

Love; are you really there; alive?

Dare you stay answer!!

Lovers meet, relationship disappears;

In a year, or rarely lasts few years…

Detained against broken walls, shaded windows; for ages.

Now, hear the silences across the Rhine..

Calling you; will you ever make it through?

Spent a life time; numb..paralyzed..

Misery was always in the way; death looms..

Ridiculous dreams, Ridiculous youth, Ridiculous relationships..

Ridiculous start, Ridiculous end..

A never ending mid life crisis; lifetime favorite ridicule…

Butterflies enjoyed ugly birth; will she ever will?


The Intouchable..

Frigid lusts…

Further frustration will do you no harm.

Drag ancient sarcastic glitches…

Lungs frothing; vague breath, terrified…

Death looms, blossom intensifies…

Nasty genies fled volcano…

Sick of pale lava bubble,

So, she can still damn your improvisations…

Activate body language, huh, dunk till dawn…

Churned wine fills cracked clay jars…

Fragmented memory; of Alzheimer…

Skinny grey- haired..can you hear me?..


Disrupted mentor, body laid, never mind it,

Ironically, a bittersweet Intouchable; he remains.

 Art by: Dorina Costras.



Kate, you just could not go to sleep till dawn. Called him a million times without an answer. He left the house full of anger and depression after a long crazy night without any satisfactory conclusion to his furious feelings. Dear Kate, I believe you know where to find him. But do you really dare to see him there; enjoying his life again; to the full satisfaction? Will you surrender now. Maybe it is time to flow with the dark night’s tide. Well; maybe not tonight. He is back at your door step. Is he welcomed?


the tailor

seven in the morning, he wakes up

move out of his be slowely like a snake

she must not observe his movement

reach to his shop at nine,traffic jam

no, he has to pass by the city collage to see someone

who is studying psychology, in her twenties

does she mind a tailor, over fifty one?

it looks like, she smiles back

his heart beats grow stronger..

the phone rings, darling i am awake

not feelin well, please come back home

i need to go to the clinic..

the tailor is confused now..

thought about it many times..

it is crazy, he went with a new destiny;

kept him in coma..


she is leaving tonight..

to a destiny; everlasting..

meaningless blossoms..

can not taste tulips..

feel my heart beats; never mind her now..

Manhattan, play the blues till dawn..

she dances alone..dark brown lips..

come back home and astonish the wolf again and again..

her curves sways…satin slim tiny dress..

hazel eyes; sick illusions…

lost in lust, com on over and play it now..

loneliness to sue you..

judged to fade in a desert..

do not be afraid…snakes went to Miami..

will be back with a divorce..