Hold on mate..

” its not just something you take its given.” just that for now.


can you?

be like the tree; let dead leaves fall”; -Al Romy

Fiction illusions Poem

Chains of pain

Once in a dream

Saw your waist

Dragged over

Lost in darkness

Hear my heart beats

Feel sweat on my neck

I am like a rose

As dead one

Take me now

To hell

No matter where

Set me free

Pains relief my nerves

Damn it, I am still into deep

With you

All the way

I adore your chains of pain

Bring it home again.


feelin stinky numb baby..

Flash Fiction Poem

A trailing game

Is it yours baby?

A glamorous figure?

Scream and yale,

Not in the face on a rainy day,

Carry it away, supposedly get rid of your fears

Lost in your red hair, hear my moans, give me your sick heart

Remember those vicious jerks

Feel their fiery blood, slated skin

Taste if you will the trace of agony

Pains exploded in your nasty mind

Thoughts of deep cries

The minute you show off,

Go to bed alone foolishly

Count on carelessness

Feel my cold shivering tummy,

Stare at my angry eyes and forget it all

Wonder where it will take you

Down the dark desert

Wolfs sanctions the corners

Morning will not save you

An end to my suffering girl

Past dawn,

An extravagant termination to your game.

Flash Fiction Poem

Feel alive

I need that feeling…

I need that bloody feeling…

I need that fancy sexy feeling…

I need that touch, that curved waist…

I need that extravagant taste of your lips…

I need to hear a high heel approaching my doorstep…

I need to smell your crazy perfume melted on your neck…

I need to get into a plane with you in that dark tight satin dress…

I need to swim, dance, sing, jump barefooted…

I need life…

I need you.

Flash Fiction

We are different

Admit it, dare to say; so different…

When you get fed up of my jazz music,

When I can not look at your hair cut,

We never see each other in dreams,

When I hate the sound of your washing machine,

You can not tolerate me playing my guitar Saturday night,

When I miss that dress, though, emotions revealed,

Should I dream of another angle!

How did we have our four kids; you wonder,

Do or do not believe that owls fall in love,

Never mind fish memory; it is my treat…

Thirty-seven yours back; remember the first kiss?

Answer me.  Do not just stand still,,,even trees sway..

I hate your silence, your whispers, even your hair cut and the way you dance.

We are different…that is why I lingered on all those nasty years.

Flash Fiction Poem

fool no more

A line is drawn right now in my wild jungle of thoughts,

Breath my stinky loneliness.

Head north or south, you will not find me;

Leaning on your ugly chest,

Longing for an old fashionable hug;

Slow and tight, I will squeeze your waist..

It is gonna take ages till you can do it again,

No more stupid men waiting for your belly to move on stage,

Lights are on, no more jokers around…

Your thighs slimed, your eyes lost its brightness,

Your soul has gone under, there is a new generation now,

Blonds, or else, whatever, so;

What to do now? Can you still pay him to love you?

Baby, feel me now. I am gone;

This time it is forever. I am a fool for you no more.


The beauty of arabic music

I just wanted to share with you all this great piece of music for one of the best Lebanese composers and singers, Melhem Barakat. Please enjoy the sensation.



‘’When the heroes go off the stage, the clowns come on.’’ _Heinrich Heine


choose your battle

Either or, someone is wondering; is it the end of time!? Well, it is difficult to say given the fact that you do not have the luxury of time to choose. If survived, there will be another chat after dawn. Do you still believe that there is any sense getting married in the corona virus era. Stay away from granny; that is your battle today; fight.