His life was a chain of predictable changes. However, direction matters.  Adding a bit of caramel to the chaos and suppression anecdote formed the charismatic city where he stayed idle, homeless, and somehow contented.

At seven, he became addicted to caramel, his mother told the school teacher pointing at his neck.  Awkward, thus uneven personality, constantly infusing his temper.

No way novice professional abandoning drivers’ seat; he cries. Hell, nothing but a deemed illusion of rooted scars.

The Carnival

Consistently, his neighborhood bothered him.

Screwing up the spring carnival,

Drama prevented his glory as criticism filed the city squares.

He grinned, then faced the ancestors; ”We will win.

Well, one day, maybe next carnival. Trust me,I commit.”

He seemed so sure.

An awkward promise resonates.

City is being dressed up for the carnival.

A day before the next carnival, he was carried to the cemetery.

Spontaneously, glory likelihood is nil.

From over the neighbors’ shoulders, he cries:

You fool, before you follow me, enjoy every lousy minute of life,

Paralyzed, unreachable pleas, he is gone.

He was the carnival.

One Month Old Blogger..

I would like to thank everyone who visited my blog, liked and commented on a post. Today I can say that after one month with wordpress I am pleased to connect with wonderful bloggers. Loved reading their thoughts that was an inspiration. Now, I can confirm that interaction with bloggers from seven continents is overwhelming. I am grateful to all the wonderful people who is following my blog now. However, in the  beginning, I thought that this is far from being a reality.

Finally, I would like you to excuse my poor English hoping to see real improvement post after post as blogging encouraged me to read more and more papers.

God Bless You All.