The Blue Lake.

Hand in hand with his darling,

accompanied by years of scandalous excitement.

Headed south west to the mysterious blue lake.
At dawn, lake’s wicked preserver welcomes them;
My heroes, for centuries, notorious reputation nurtured lake’s bed,
Winter nights troubled with cozy substandard celebrations.
Overwhelming fuss, went to sleep over cottage wreckage;

Brutal dreams, hectic love, sick candle lights;

Endlessly hunting late sympathy.



A couple who was happily married for years has moved to a wonderful modern city. Got a nice apartment nicely furnished. Morning wind blows windows silky pink curtains. A portrait reflects happened welcomes visitors at the main door.

Things changed dramatically when suspensions started to control wife’s soul. She spotted her husband in the car par with a blond. She was tall, slim, dresses in a black leather mini skirt. Doubts started to penetrate her mind and anger filled her heart. This time, I will not keep calm, she thought.

Baby, today I have all the reasons in the world to express that this is the time to smash this pest; jealousy. I can not stand your secretary, please quit this job and let us leave this city.

what a journey!

Alfonzo asked an old friend who traveled the world about his experience; the friend answered:

Dear Alfonzo:

It started with a shallow birth,


shallow soup plate, childhood,

shallow mornings, nights.

shallow education,

shallow friendships, relationships,

shallow love.

shallow marriage.

shallow breeding,

shallow dreams,

shallow past, present and future,

shallow career,

shallow richness,

shallow entertainment,

shallow happiness,

shallow seasons,

shallow lifetime, then soon

I ended up dying at my shallow-less tribe.


Dead Ends..

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” ― Thomas A. Edison

A husband remembers talking to his wife:

Kate, Will you please help me to Find as many Dead Ends as possible at the earliest;

just Like Edison..

Kate: Honey, Marriage is Included?

Husband Murmuring: It should top the List.

Kate: Honey, Remember; I read Astronaut’s Minds Out There.

Husband: Baby, now we are talking. The second hidden end Please.

Imaginary Friends

At the age of four, they used to be neighbors. The mothers baked bread for the whole village. And in the carnival, sweets served with tea and juice. Years gone by at the speed of light. They finished high school and joined college in different countries.

Yes, still remembering the good old days when they used to eat fresh hot bread from mother. And still crave for the days when they ride bicycles up the bushy mountain collecting figs and racing turtles. Life was rosy, grass was green, and humming birds sang all night. Now, the hardly see each other. Family responsibilities and distance made it hard to be together.

They met after eight years at the carnival. Sweets and juice were served. However, this time it was imported. Mothers are there no more. Despite death; a reality manifests. Now time to face the truth, imaginary friends; they were…

a busy market

During the sixties, in a small village, a grandmother used to teach her grandchildren a traditional proverb: ” Profit exists where more legs Pass”. One can sell more lollipops before noon on a busy market. One of her grandsons disagreed and wanted to prove otherwise. So, he started a candy shop and randomly displayed snacks on the front window. The shoppers disliked the snacks. Lollipops rotted after  months on the store’s shelve. It was a big loss; great he thought. With the winner’s spirit, he ran to his granny’s to find that the funeral was completed and granny is gone.


my life and death

The sweetest splendor

Hearts filled with jealousy,

Nights kept passing, senseless;

Dream drained in years’ gutter;

Teen age was here a hundred years ago.

He seized roses colors;

Roses, lost its spirit,

Gosh…breathless, however still,

contented, so far ..

he left the charming fragrance all over

the miserable bedroom; and,

all over… life and death.

Shout in the dark.

He used to get genuinely tangling blue parties.

Suppression throughout festivals, evolves,

She adored his flat belly, marvel.

A charismatic young man, late twenties.

Under Latina’s eye sight; tonight at least,

Nurtured by nature, motherhood.

Her last chance is now, cute curves play odd roles.

Harmonize loyalty with Love,

 Magnified perils blessed magical fears.

Her sorrow ripped out audience’s mode, at once.

She yields; you cowards, he is mine;

Set him free.

He is just too pure.

A shout in the dark; it went.

A Butterfly in Love.

Kate, did pregnancy made you extra dormant?

The Husband is craving for attraction, and…

More often, Your mind with the baby.

Every night, the guy is still waiting for your move.

Mundane, the nights became.

Misty, the Winter days,

Got him discharged

He starts to shy away,

Hard to approach, you became.

Dear, you will soon lose the one and only post.

A Butterfly in love invited him to her nest.