Flash Fiction Prompts

A Wise Journey..

After years of wandering along a harsh midlife crisis,

it is almost over, a sunny era begins,

laughing with humming birds flying at dawn.

Memories bring back old days’ splendor; sparkling hazel eyes.

Eyes that sails with your soul to a heavenly horizon.

Gosh, can not leave behind a lavish life; crystals of youth and health.

As her fragrance just trances the place without a trace.

Today, new area’s curtains fall over a final episode.

Senseless, a wise journey was nothing but an illusion…

By Life After Fifty

Hi everyone.
I am into project management. Thank you for visiting my profile ..Lately, I had that desire to write and share random fictional illusions.
Hope it goes well and you enjoy posts.
Kate and Alfonzo are just an randomly selected unrealistic characters. The couple are not real and not related to any real person.
None of the images in my blogs are mine; I just borrowed it from the internet.
Thank you all.

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