.. as we start..

flattered heart,

deal with it, it is your tart..

fly her to a planet,

collect ugly sand particles..

seek crystal ones, then

varnish the sunset,

where mermaids lay na….d.

mind the glass..

the one beside the candle..

filled with red wine..

finally, her tattoo will shine..

a mermaid in red.

remembers last spring;

a crushed soul;

worthless, stained charm,

craving for…..everything intact.



Will she..

.. ever feel butterfly’s cancer pain..

..ever watch canaries twinkle cage bars, again..

..ever walk the cat walk in vain..

..ever turn hay into gold..

..courageous stinky folks..

..maybe never; love gorge dries;

..absurd childhood memoires;

she decays; wont she?