Transcendental youth

Was it really the case at the old cottage he inherited from his step father?
roars of compassion…
Get mind scan.
Chose panic or happiness once at a time..
Attentive to shades, any color would do..
Unless the wind blows, you are stuck in mud
I’d desire freaking sad eyes…
a phenomenal tragedy keeps you awake…
Madness pay attention to the mermaid as she screams…fallin…alone …
Inspired illusion of sadness..
Thus lovin senseless birthday present;
a bracelet, stained, blurred, cracked by tears.
Mermaid, adored bracelets around your tiny belly
At dawn, you tend to scream it out;
Stay hear youth, hate you dying…every night.
Leaving him stained with colors of muddy sadness.
let him enjoy the blossoms of youth before tragedies panics his soul off.

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