a jar of clay..

Reconciling between the way she will deplete your feelings and how miserable you became AlFonso takes mighty courage. Yes, I heard your scream of anger; mistakenly hating your life with her. You made lots of mistakes, wasting opportunities of marriage reunion. Obsession prevails, darkness fills your summer vacation hoping love will diminish before the next business day. Sara was lovely, she loved and supported you for the last twenty-three years.

It is so hard for you mate to know that for all those years you wanted to break free to a different concept of life..a life full of energy, laughter were you wonna jog barefooted on the beach after sunset. Yes, I remember you telling me, Sara hated the beach after dark, it makes her feel declined, smashed in a jar of clay. Mate, do you still enjoy Sara after a short trip to a dark beach?


2 thoughts on “a jar of clay..

  1. That’s so naive of you mate.
    A very few people are realistic enough to admit that their long awaited wishes are mere illusions at times.
    You are doing great. Happy blogging from my side.



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