beyond repair..

A frugal life is all what he offered. Kindness was a rare corner stone of the relationship. His sluggish emotions pulled down the woman in her.  Night falls, curtains waved the day goodbye. Her nails grew penetration her soft rosy skin; finger bleeds without pain. Memories retrieved of summer hiking. Outgoing was painless as she was only twenty-three years younger than him. Face down walking by her school that she abandoned for luxury; still he insists to walk her by every semester, just to fulfill his ego possessing a Barbie; well it might be worth it.  As time flew, embedded determination shaped midnight’s reactions, she whispers: honey, it is just about time to turn on the fireplace that Dad destroyed when Mum left forever without a notice leaving it beyond repair. However, it still pools hot tears on his white beard. Thoughts drifting off sharpening ugly memories of stylish life.

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