out of father’s cloak

Four years old, still remember his words. In particular the harsh ones; a cowered, as complicated as your granny. A person that I have always hated. At eleven, feelings roars with passion to leave town. Mum rejected the idea. At thirty tow, on my way out of town. Suffering continued. Season after another, longing forContinue reading “out of father’s cloak”

Winning Obstacles

Please stay for a while love, just to conclude the butterfly tattoo on the curvy waist; Evident symptoms, Contagious lust leads our sphere; Timely limitless objective; Abandon awkward self-control; Adored art-creating feminine locations; Surrounding a curve; Charming corrupted thoughts; High spirit leads narcissism; I can still see through her bones; A fantastic crisis style; DefectedContinue reading “Winning Obstacles”


Selfie, what is it in there? Humans, trees, pets, and new types of narcissistic creatures… Eyes, leafs desires, fatherhood.. Blue sky back grounds, walnut floors, a curved full womb.. Pale skins, drought, a baby boy called ……; born in poverty.. , Lovely Red haired, dishes of strawberry, poverty, someone is absent…. a fantastic female, standContinue reading “selfie…”

Texture; Manhood

Adam is still confronting tons of blockades since he embarked on a journey to achieve a long desired radical revolution to own present routine. A journey to generate pleasures that transfers him-as a man through time to his mid-twenties. The enthusiasm has accompanied him for years as he was held back by prehistoric traditions pinnedContinue reading “Texture; Manhood”