Another Kodak photo maybe was taken during 1721 shows a huge farm with all types of Mango tree around its boarders. The owner seems to be welcoming the visitors although he was not in the photo. Most likely, it was a she. A generous, welcoming female.


Never mind the owner, once Alfonzo passed the mango tress he started to walking through a wide field of strawberry, some are ready to be attacked as their blossom concurred his eyes and nose.

The farm owner built a fence out of a low-high palm trees that her horses enjoyed running freely the whole day. Alfonzo’s eyes fell on a rather small cottage at the far end of the farm. He could not wait to reach there. His steps were getting faster and wider with his heart beats getting stronger with every meter he advances. The cottage entrance faced the other side; Gosh; there is no gate. The owner must be inside; whispered Alfonzo and should I remove the wet soil on my shoes first?

He shivered, scared to death; there was nothing inside but a grave bellow a tiny marble flat stone with engraved words that reads: ‘’keep it gate-less, it is not my photo’’.


My Divorce.

A sixty years old Psychologist treated Anna for years. He used to visit her at home for therapy. The Psychologist was not so keen to be paid. Her husband was under the impression that Anna is just pretending. This was a great source of the husband jealousy. Just some basic doubts to be confirmed. Can this be true, he is an elderly and my wife is only thirty-one? he wondered. So, he decided to pretend being away on the next treatment session. He sneaked to the garden to watch them from the low bedroom window.

Anna jumped from her bed, hugged the old man strongly and began to cry. She sat on his lab with her head on his chest and her hands running smoothly on his grey hair. Here, he decided to break the door in a savage manner seeking revenge. She shouted; enough you are acting nuts as ever. Damn it, he is my father you fool.

You know exactly why I did hide the truth for all those years. It was your mother who did not agree to our marriage. She rejected my father when he proposed to her. I loved you so much to let this spoil our life. For now darling, I am relieved. Please, send me my divorce paper ;  I am done.



Kate used to take the early morning train to work. On the way, the train enters a jungle, not a very long drive with in.

Today she sat beside an old grey-haired man who was shivering from cold.

Are you okay, I don’t need my uniform jacket? Kate asked.

No answer, again: do you need any help, Sir, you might faint?

A tear drop felled on a jerky cheek; resting his palm on the cold window trying to feel the mist.

Or wipe it, Kate thought.

Speechless, he remained.

It is sunny now, mist did vanish, train just exited the jungle.

Grey-haired slowly turned to Kate and whispered:

Baby; we die, we exit.

Sir, jangled, I can hardy hear you.


Spoiled by his mother’s intense care. She used to pamper him more than his younger brother who was the black duck in the family. When he reached sixteen he had a girl friend called Annie. Annie was from a different culture and beliefs. The mother opposed this forbidden relationship. Her son Alex heart was broken. He decided to leave the house.

On a small tissue paper, Alex wrote; Mum, I am so sorry for what I will say. I am now twenty-one and you still treat me like a seven years old boy. I am sorry, my life is now rotten, I am getting rid of snacks you forced me to have for long years. I need to be with Annie. She has a splendor eyes that crumbles my heart to see them. A feeling that I have long fancied and hided it away from you; I always hates to see your tears. Please wait for dad to come back home, he can explain my feelings. Mum, sorry to tell you that now I know that he left us years back for someone who might get his heart healed from his rot. I love you so much Mum.

The Grey-Haired

While taking a cappuccino in a cafe on a cold winter night in a business city somewhere. There was a Six-foot middle aged Grey-Haired in a black suite outside the big front glass of the coffee shop stepping from a dark blue Maybach. He was holding a luxurious handbag and a small brown wallet while entering the coffee shop.  Just on the opposite table, there was a handsome, rich looking young guy in his late twenties taking his coffee with a cigar; form the essence, one can easily tell- it was a pure Havana blend. The cigar smell filled the place.

The Grey-Haired approached him and bow with respect saying: ‘’Sir, I got you what you have forgotten in the office. Please allow me to park the car.’’. Gosh, he was the driver, his boss said nothing showing carelessness while taking the bag and the wallet. Grey-Haired drove away and returned after a while, stood outside the main entrance. His boss noticed him but never asked him to come in.

On the next table sat a pretty young woman with a red blossom in her daring dark black hair sent a smile to the boss.


She noticed him changing his watch with an Armani one from the selection in the hand bag. He smiled back. She approached his table; ‘’ Mr. Handsome,  May I?” She said.

‘’Sure, but, I am just about to leave.’’.

Grey-Haired noticed her, he stepped in very fast with a wheel chair. He was nervous while saying, ‘‘Please, leave him alone, he is in a wheel chair for five years because of a woman; he drove drunk after losing her’’.

She said, ”I can understand and I can help”. The Boss was interested: ‘’Can someone still do?’’.

”Honey, all you need is love, a unique one; I faced the same and I can feel your sufferings”.

Boss looked at the Grey-Haired who shacked his head. ‘’Boss, let us move on, no one can re-create what has been lost so far’’….no prophesy.