..status; blues…

leavin today!

what a madness!

do you believe the same words?

nope…as ever; a lie

a fancy silky tie,

just to be satisfied;

you name it, cry it..

can not hear you no more,

no such mercy,

alone again; in an abandoned town..

is it right, woman?

walk out. now please..

wonna cry the blues on stinky memories..

down with any trace of your passion.

not so sure about you woman,

darkness goes on and still,

a honey, a cutie, a memory.



Anything in common? Just wondering!!

mingled limits of caring, criticized;

busy pleasing stormy instinct,

triggered with anger, at last overwhelmed;

enough, nothing new;

bloodless periods; all year long;

state of worthless minds in difference,

thirsty for laughter, fatherhood;

craving to sings, lungs slaughtered,

after a thousand century of self-destruction,

his soul is finally healed;

again, via another devastation;

enjoyed a self-sabotaged youth;

differently raised up in pains,

damned; yet sabotaged soul.




”Silence is the most perfect expression of scorn.”

                                                                               George Bernard Shaw


Creeping Bleak

Grieved Irritations;

fear grainy emotions;

exterior frustration;

halting childhood dreams;

mercy broken youth;

around dark corners, doubt shimmers;

let me in, never mind the baby sitter;

grateful, the post man as usual;

new ventures generated;

every midnight at all;

faded satin dirt; endless endeavors;

getting slimmer; lovely night dress;

curves missing a touch;

Tango all the way to hell;

no partner, someone will be there;

somehow, if ever;

darkens; enjoy stinky alerts;

craving for sadness;

as ever; brutal nights;

adored her creeping bleak;

cannot complain it;

cried it last spring; what to do?

at least for now; complicated features;

squeeze hopes; escalate it;

spread it with oceans’ salted waters;

loathed blocked lungs; still ?!….

alone in the dark..

how long can you bear it?

a year, a lifetime, be it..

living on the edge of civilization,

refusal, denial, and many others..

fighting with in;

feel it, creeps approaching

knee, the need it

trapped at the corners..

dark, foggy basement..

they watch from the high narrow window..

laugh, then cry at dawn..

tear you socks..

yes the ones you got on valentine..

huh, damn poverty…

stink it.

back to the dark again.

never alone..

his stinky smell blossoms..


fear non mornings.

retrospective  falsification…


Hearts….full of dreams…

since ever; cannot be mistaken.



childhood; maiden.




never ending ..fallin.


pains never soften;

fears cuts like a knife…

hot blooded wounds; frozen…

narcissism; never soften;

huh; still alive?

although takeN!!




once we die darling,

juxtapose our bodies,

let go your fears now,

no one hears your roars,

no one sees your flammable eyes,

no one smells your sweat,

every one just wonna be in my shoes.

spell it out..

damn it..

it is a crisis..

one that starts now..

and ends once you get back to life; if ever…

Awkward denial

It is the divorce, a done deal. Things just cannot continue this way. Alfonso is out late till his salary is gone in gambling. Kate just waited in vain; hopeless.

Here he comes;

Kate: Welcome dear; murmuring.

Alfonso: You are starting again. I don’t like this tone and I told you many times.

Kate: Well, stop being late till dawn then.

Alfonso: I am happy like that, and we agreed on divorce, right?

Kate: But I still love you like crazy.

Alfonso: I do not feel the same anymore.

Kate collapses and he lifted her from the floor and drove fast to the hospital.

Doctor: Sorry, she could not make it. It was a heat stroke. Is she your wife?

Alfonso: No. Just an assumption.

toxic knowledge..

complications; at day..

during night, further deeper complication..

being single, complication..

being married, with or without kids, complications…

be it happy or sad youth; complicated

being in love; somehow complex..

lost beloved ones or meet new ones; complicates your misery…

rich or poor, through out summer or spring, complicated..

still searching for a job or once employed, complex formula..

the good old days, seems less complicated..

funeral day; complex?

yes, your funeral mate..

feel it none!…toxic knowledge.