Curiously expressing dully flares;

Rickety glares wading brown eyes;

Blaming ex-lovers;

Another mischievous foe;

Longing for ancient non-Serviceable sloppy relationship;

While sneaking to the basements..

Frozen, facing misty corners;

Soul plunged into clutter;

Apprehend my soul, my body;

Theme; Corrupted hostages;

Ravaged since birth;

As enamored with green-eyed lover;

her youth glares;

deep love Shimmers; paradoxically;

overwhelming enjoyable fury.


Hard, but worth it..


”If you find that writing is hard, it’s because it is hard.”- William Zinsser.

Writing in English as a second language is extra harder. However, I enjoy it. It introduced me to new vocabularies. Loved the challenge to synchronize strange sentences; sometimes, that lead to generating unexpected prose.

I am grateful to you gorgeous guys out there who followed or visited my posts. Surely, you make my day.



Every thing will be lovely;

Sun rises daily,

Birds sings after midnight,

Flowers bloom at night,

Lovers kisse more often,

Chimneys pollute less,

Once you leave me;


Happy solitary grey haired creep.