The Intouchable..

Frigid lusts…

Further frustration will do you no harm.

Drag ancient sarcastic glitches…

Lungs frothing; vague breath, terrified…

Death looms, blossom intensifies…

Nasty genies fled volcano…

Sick of pale lava bubble,

So, she can still damn your improvisations…

Activate body language, huh, dunk till dawn…

Churned wine fills cracked clay jars…

Fragmented memory; of Alzheimer…

Skinny grey- haired..can you hear me?..


Disrupted mentor, body laid, never mind it,

Ironically, a bittersweet Intouchable; he remains.



time of silence..

evoke..anytime, wherever,

felt it?

shout it loud, useless..

hear the scream, none;

live the pleasures, endlessly.

craving for a kiss,endless possibilities,

draw it at down; ring my bell,

in a tunnel of Alzheimer,

while first time drunk,

all through the years,

silence overwhelming hearts.

tear drops engrave skeletons,

screams diminishes in salty valleys,

pains evoke bloody tears,

all through the stinky years.

Damned silence,

should have never mention it.