Will she..

.. ever feel butterfly’s cancer pain..

..ever watch canaries twinkle cage bars, again..

..ever walk the cat walk in vain..

..ever turn hay into gold..

..courageous stinky folks..

..maybe never;

..as love gorge dries;

..absurd childhood memoires;

she decays; wont she?


A Butterfly in Love.

Kate, did pregnancy made you extra dormant?

The Husband is craving for attraction, and…

More often, Your mind with the baby.

Every night, the guy is still waiting for your move.

Mundane, the nights became.

Misty, the Winter days,

Got him discharged

He starts to shy away,

Hard to approach, you became.

Dear, you will soon lose the one and only post.

A Butterfly in love invited him to her nest.

Butterflies’ bones.

Read her mind; soaring sorrows;

years of solitude made her an errant coward;

strawberry bubble baths, no more;

just wandering brownish zombies at the bloody floor;

plucking infant’s ears at the nurseries,

tress flew out of the buss windows.

Mothers’ cries shreds puffy toxic lungs.

Has Eryngium grew on butterflies’ bones?

Ebony-like bones of a seductive curvy waist.

read again;

 conscience purified.

Now, read beyond her bones’ aroma.