Will she..

.. ever feel butterfly’s cancer pain..

..ever watch canaries twinkle cage bars, again..

..ever walk the cat walk in vain..

..ever turn hay into gold..

..courageous stinky folks..

..maybe never;

..as love gorge dries;

..absurd childhood memoires;

she decays; wont she?


Shout in the dark.

He used to get genuinely tangling blue parties.

Suppression throughout festivals, evolves,

She adored his flat belly, marvel.

A charismatic young man, late twenties.

Under Latina’s eye sight; tonight at least,

Nurtured by nature, motherhood.

Her last chance is now, cute curves play odd roles.

Harmonize loyalty with Love,

 Magnified perils blessed magical fears.

Her sorrow ripped out audience’s mode, at once.

She yields; you cowards, he is mine;

Set him free.

He is just too pure.

A shout in the dark; it went.