Kate, you just could not go to sleep till dawn. Called him a million times without an answer. He left the house full of anger and depression after a long crazy night without any satisfactory conclusion to his furious feelings. Dear Kate, I believe you know where to find him. But do you really dare to see him there; enjoying his life again; to the full satisfaction? Will you surrender now. Maybe it is time to flow with the dark night’s tide. Well; maybe not tonight. He is back at your door step. Is he welcomed?



From a distance

Watching lovers;

Sunshine blinds her dreams;

Golden angles surround dining table;

Yesterday gone astray;

No idea how to turn her on;

Ground beneath cracked;

Tribal fought all Summer,

Never got her back,

feeling cur; still?

leave darkness, enjoy winter,

you will hear that one day,

teacher fainted; pregnant?

never married,  lost in desert’s snow,

the wolf; the father..wandering along sandy beach,

understand?  feel denial,

your turn honey; hum it at dawn;

never from a distance. Tonight at least….