West Coast Beach

Father is arriving in a while dear, you better wash and help me with dinner; Okay Mum, I still need a few minutes to be clean this mess.

Hi darling, where is Sam?

He will be in soon..

I will call him now baby. Sam did not take the phone, Mum started to panic.

Honey, Harold, Sam’s friend said that they plan to go swimming in the West Coast beach and they would need the tennis racks. Just let us wait till Sam returns then we will all gather around the dinner table; just stay calm, all is fine.

At 11:20 pm, the phone rings, it was family’s best friend; a trembling voice tone was low on the other end. Mate, please come now to the West Coast medical center, I need you here alone; deep nervousness overwhelmed the dining room. Sam’s father rushed barefooted to his car in the pajamas. Oh, God, please, No; Sam was breathless, Harold whispered, I am sorry uncle, a car accident; softly closing his eyes forever as well.


A dead forest

Eventually, bottom Oak tree branch will fail under increasing consignments from a supreme thicker one that has thicker and bigger leaves. Leaves that allowed no sunshine to nourish deprived skinny branch that had always been thirsty for sunlight. Apes swings around under leave’s shade enjoying free food; breeding in summer. Forgotten the long lived agony’s ember. Life just got so neutral after Tarzan’s departure to the gambling city. Failed again to promote forest’s life as gamblers fancied contemporary fashion trends. Tarzan, dare you yoga or say yes to renounce ancient beliefs rooted within weak branches. Symptoms of Alzheimer, inequality of leaves poisoned authentic social ties within butterfly’s society as they fear wild snakes with faces looks more like wicked witch’s on a broom; Tarzan, remember her hair cut?

On the top branches stood the hungry eagles staring in patience at the occupants in the shed bellow. Eagle’s babies expecting a fresh tasty meal. An early morning promise made by their muscular father prior the departure. Quarterly, frogs ranks eagle’s devoted ethos as they gain weight. Branch can no longer absorb sharp nails tightness. Never disdained polluted Autumn’s wild wind, the branch’s lungs can take it no more; such a past time sin’s fulfillment. Forest, passed away in serenity before dawn. Centuries back, in a perilous valley, drunk lizards celebrated stitching forest’s bloody dreadful coffin. Black warmth at midnight gifted nasty lizards’ tinny rotten arrogance. Hey ya Elephant, while pregnant keep both eyes open, your forest might be next to die in peace ? Endlessly private.

Bianca and the farm

Born in a detached village on a carpet in a cold cottage basement. Late November 1712, it was snowing heavenly and his father just stood hopeless as the mother gave birth to a cute baby girl minutes before she took the last breath. He had to suffer for two days in front of the body till he had the chance to bury his wife without even a decent funeral. At least she gave birth to their first child. She was ‘Bianca’, a name the mother has always dreamed of calling her daughter by.

The father used to get up before sunrise to reach his potato farm that fed the family for years. Bianca could not accompany her father as she was born with paralyzed legs. The father spent twelve years trying to heal Bianca’s illness but unfortunately it was incurable. He felt the guilt and poverty tightened his ability to offer anything. he sold the farm, the house, and all their belongings including Bianca’s mother cheap weeding dress trying to find a cure; useless. Father drove Bianca to the neighbor’s cottage. His body was found after three weeks by the river side in the farm he sold with left hand’s veins cut.


Is it too late?..Tell it to the crowd; now you do hate your birth, body, and death. Such a shame. Yes, no one cares. Diamonds won’t help anymore as her feelings has passed away last night. Red haired has gone wild back to a dark horrible childhood, remember? As you swayed to the beat. Admit it; here you are in a fake destiny were wildest dreams dries out, you would plea knee at her feet on a rainy day were your mysterious life grows and blood flows again filling your brain cells.

Apparently, rivers gone somehow nervous as owls shed tears in a stinky valley. Hang on there, give her your hand. Evaporate, then die joyfully, smoothly in a nightmare leaving no prudent trace ever. Coming back to earth, he is lost, breathless without her tenderness that fills the evening. Life is calling him again; to a fresh death. Got his black coffin, a perfume, and a velvet belt in a suit case. Such a great harmony; mate, are you still cynical about it? It is time to recognize it; it is your own disgusting rotten life; enjoy.

..she is not there!

Brain putrefied; wake up to the blues;

on the run from his saddest feelings..

lost a sincere soul foundation for a nil harmony;

biological victims wanders within..

creeping pains silenced his lungs…

speechless disorder craving for mercy..

day after day and year after year..

he is still alone on the dance floor; thoughtless.

the boiled frog’s dreams looms; suffering in a rotten swamp..

grieves dipped you there,

he knows it; the end is never gonna be shinny;

rock stars expires on the stage; mid party..

prudent express discussion,

your cottage has collapsed with the marriage kiss;

enjoy an ugly, bloody relationship,

profound decision taken; leave.

just leave, you crave for a sanctuary.

now, now there is no second chance to withdrawal;

she is there no more.

enjoy the music alone; again- will you ever?.





once we die darling,

juxtapose our bodies,

let go your fears now,

no one hears your roars,

no one sees your flammable eyes,

no one smells your sweat,

every one just wonna be in my shoes.

spell it out..

damn it..

it is a crisis..

one that starts now..

and ends once you get back to life; if ever…


Flaunt in and out..would she remember tulips?

If yes. Then why souls lost essence?..

Love; are you really there; alive?

Dare you stay around..no answer!!

Lovers meet, relationship disappears;

In a year, or rarely lasts few years…

Detained against broken walls, shaded windows; for ages.

Now, hear the silences across the Rhine..

Calling you; will you ever make it through?

Spent a life time; numb..paralyzed..

Misery was always in the way; death looms..

Ridiculous dreams, Ridiculous youth, Ridiculous relationships..

Ridiculous start, Ridiculous end..

A never ending mid life crisis; lifetime favorite ridicule…

Butterflies enjoyed ugly birth; will she ever will?


The Intouchable..

Frigid lusts…

Further frustration will do you no harm.

Drag ancient sarcastic glitches…

Lungs frothing; vague breath, terrified…

Death looms, blossom intensifies…

Nasty genies fled volcano…

Sick of pale lava bubble,

So, she can still damn your improvisations…

Activate body language, huh, dunk till dawn…

Churned wine fills cracked clay jars…

Fragmented memory; of Alzheimer…

Skinny grey- haired..can you hear me?..


Disrupted mentor, body laid, never mind it,

Ironically, a bittersweet Intouchable; he remains.


;ready to knee?..

…ease a devilish tantrum…..

..all the best with the endeavor..Gosh,

..once there, let us know the destination.

…enjoy the journey mate…

..sweet dreams filled of traces…

..traces of nobody, anybody will do.

..welcome aboard, the lost city, lost past, lost future, lost and still around hell..

..she is back.. are you ready;

…for another knee ??

my life and death

The sweetest splendor

Hearts filled with jealousy,

Nights kept passing, senseless;

Dream drained in years’ gutter;

Teen age was here a hundred years ago.

He seized roses colors;

Roses, lost its spirit,

Gosh…breathless, however still,

contented, so far ..

he left the charming fragrance all over

the miserable bedroom; and,

all over…..my life and death.