Fairy Tales.

Once upon a time..

Granny, please stop this. I have been hearing this rubbish for the last eighty-four years before going to sleep.

Why don’t you tell me a fairy tale about the ant that went to gym to fall in love with the conveyor’s butterfly; honeymoon in Vienna.

Or about the snake that panicked as the Mark seized her juniors before striking a deal to cure his wife if he returned her little ones; Mark’s wife is no longer blind now. little ones went to Walt Disney on the week end.

Or about the mermaid that I always wanted to be like; free and single wandering between oceans, laying on the beach of Osaka watching the stars. I am dying Granny, no one can hear my sorrows, including yourself…

Granny, Granny, Good night.


Just For You…

Every now and then;

when he craves for Intimacy,

on his knees begging you to stay,

when he goes crazy about your fantasy curved waist,

when he crumbles breathless, hear his heart rustles.

Remember, immortal hummingbirds over your window;

Just like him, seeking warm shelter from snowing skies;

Manipulative; the one he worships.

just like a quill in a storm, he falls for her; distractions goes blurred.

He whispers: Darling,

how about dinner, candle lights, and a saxophonist playing just for you?