Selfie, what is it in there?

Humans, trees, pets, and new types of narcissistic creatures…

Eyes, leafs desires, fatherhood..

Blue sky back grounds, walnut floors, a curved full womb..

Pale skins, drought, a baby boy called ……; born in poverty.. ,

Lovely Red haired, dishes of strawberry, poverty, someone is absent….

a fantastic female, stand up honey, take a deep breath, it is still early to die.

Lovely earth still needs your tenderness…

Scandalous life; ribbed off as shades shines..

Felt the pang in his fifty first birthday party..

Body language disappeared; gloomy risen facial expressions; selfie portraits..

Should we still remember twisted wedding dress that night? A fantasy.

Give rise to an affordable black leather sandals; dominating selfies.

Gosh!.is it selfie’s insincere conscience..

Enjoying life’s sarcastic insanity!

Once you get disarmed of that stick,

Can you still bravely recognize yourself again?

A selfie; an honest mirror- deeply doubtful.


colors of goodbye.

white; for dumb bosses

black; for dad

yellow; for a demanding partner

brown; for a pen pal

green: for your eyes

red; for a silky lingerie

pink; for wanting her

orange; for a hungry soul

purple: for a hug

blue; you, yourself, and the blues.

rainbow; for death.




now what!

is it farewell?

better off; a bitter sweet sanctuary,

one with the forensic steady ferry;

ownership, define-less;

failed to climb down the stair,

now what!

is it stop and stare

wrapping off an affair;

in a down town bar,

shake hands and drink it;

double or single! be it.

now what; bugger off.




Creeping Bleak

Grieved Irritations;

fear grainy emotions;

exterior frustration;

halting childhood dreams;

mercy broken youth;

around dark corners, doubt shimmers;

let me in, never mind the baby sitter;

grateful, the post man as usual;

new ventures generated;

every midnight at all;

faded satin dirt; endless endeavors;

getting slimmer; lovely night dress;

curves missing a touch;

Tango all the way to hell;

no partner, someone will be there;

somehow, if ever;

darkens; enjoy stinky alerts;

craving for sadness;

as ever; brutal nights;

adored her creeping bleak;

cannot complain it;

cried it last spring; what to do?

at least for now; complicated features;

squeeze hopes; escalate it;

spread it with oceans’ salted waters;

loathed blocked lungs; still ?!….

my life and death

The sweetest splendor

Hearts filled with jealousy,

Nights kept passing, senseless;

Dream drained in years’ gutter;

Teen age was here a hundred years ago.

He seized roses colors;

Roses, lost its spirit,

Gosh…breathless, however still,

contented, so far ..

he left the charming fragrance all over

the miserable bedroom; and,

all over… life and death.

The ingredients of nonsense..

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.” 
― Dr. Seuss

Disclose other ingredients;

 a fantasy’s mixture, or

an ancient ludicrous dream. or

clueless fabulous nonsense; supersedes.

Brain’s absurd irrationals, unleashed;

descending on moody mornings,

as a bizarre era arises;

nonsense surrogates fantasies;

counseling associated disastrous disapproval,

bushy nonsense;

blame non then.