Rosy Motives.

Rosy Motives gone Frozen

Every Searching for Sympathy

Cowered Thoughts Hunt Dreams

Overwhelming Foggy Illusions

Realizing She is here no More

Tears; Useless

Regret; Useless

Scream; Just Give it a Try

Heart Surrenders its Brittle Motifs

Awfully Tasteless; Life Triumphs.


my life and death

The sweetest splendor

Hearts filled with jealousy,

Nights kept passing, senseless;

Dream drained in years’ gutter;

Teen age was here a hundred years ago.

He seized roses colors;

Roses, lost its spirit,

Gosh…breathless, however still,

contented, so far ..

he left the charming fragrance all over

the miserable bedroom; and,

all over… life and death.

The ingredients of nonsense..

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.” 
― Dr. Seuss

Disclose other ingredients;

 a fantasy’s mixture, or

an ancient ludicrous dream. or

clueless fabulous nonsense; supersedes.

Brain’s absurd irrationals, unleashed;

descending on moody mornings,

as a bizarre era arises;

nonsense surrogates fantasies;

counseling associated disastrous disapproval,

bushy nonsense;

blame non then.