Come Fly With Me..

Silhouette; not gonna happen.

Still, you might enjoy the melody of it…





Rosy Motives.

Rosy Motives gone Frozen

Every Searching for Sympathy

Cowered Thoughts Hunt Dreams

Overwhelming Foggy Illusions

Realizing She is here no More

Tears; Useless

Regret; Useless

Scream; Just Give it a Try

Heart Surrenders its Brittle Motifs

Awfully Tasteless; Life Triumphs.

my life and death

The sweetest splendor

Hearts filled with jealousy,

Nights kept passing, senseless;

Dream drained in years’ gutter;

Teen age was here a hundred years ago.

He seized roses colors;

Roses, lost its spirit,

Gosh…breathless, however still,

contented, so far ..

he left the charming fragrance all over

the miserable bedroom; and,

all over… life and death.


The ingredients of nonsense..

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.” 
― Dr. Seuss

Disclose other ingredients;

 a fantasy’s mixture, or

an ancient ludicrous dream. or

clueless fabulous nonsense; supersedes.

Brain’s absurd irrationals, unleashed;

descending on moody mornings,

as a bizarre era arises;

nonsense surrogates fantasies;

counseling associated disastrous disapproval,

bushy nonsense;

blame non then.