Is it Julia my dear Alfonso?

She was the one caused your accident leaving you paralyzed last summer; without a direction.. half naked she kept you wandering the whole night in the cold allies..

Now, remember her words: go tear your heart into pieces; I will never be yours..

Poor Alfonso; you need to get rid of that  toxic heart of yours; falling in love with each girl you meet claiming she is your dream. Alfonso mate, it is over.

Hear the voices in your head screaming: it is just not as clean as you imagined it will be. Just stop dreaming now, Julia is back for a glass of wine, but it will never be you around the table.



my sister!!..

Last year, she shined when she got a pay raise..

this year she was extra positive that he will ask her to marry him..

yep.. life will sparkle again..

last month, bad news loomed spread in town

this week she felt it..roamers defined..

tonight he stepped in hugging a partner..

a young blond surrounded with attractive curves…

her feminine perfume filled the hall

Gosh…..not my sisteR.



Spoiled by his mother’s intense care. She used to pamper him more than his younger brother who was the black duck in the family. When he reached sixteen he had a girl friend called Annie. Annie was from a different culture and beliefs. The mother opposed this forbidden relationship. Her son Alex heart was broken. He decided to leave the house.

On a small tissue paper, Alex wrote; Mum, I am so sorry for what I will say. I am now twenty-one and you still treat me like a seven years old boy. I am sorry, my life is now rotten, I am getting rid of snacks you forced me to have for long years. I need to be with Annie. She has a splendor eyes that crumbles my heart to see them. A feeling that I have long fancied and hided it away from you; I always hates to see your tears. Please wait for dad to come back home, he can explain my feelings. Mum, sorry to tell you that now I know that he left us years back for someone who might get his heart healed from his rot. I love you so much Mum.