the donkey…

By the time his manager reached, Alfonso was just about to finish welding the window main frame surrounding a blue crystal reflected glass. Boss shouted in anger; we need to deliver the windows to the jewelry shop today, the opening ceremony is at the weekend. Alfonso stood up staring straight between the angry boss’s eyes showing drops of sweat on his cheeks and smiled; sure boss, do not worry, it will be ready in no time. Then, you better put more efforts; screamed the furious Boss again.

Alfonso left for the day. While walking on his way home he saw a donkey beside the garbage trolley. The donkey was staring at Alfonso and his eyes looked as if saying something. Alfonso went closer and closer, the donkey kept staring; now he started to get furious sending his long ears back wards. Alfonso got scarred and left the pavement towards the asphalt.

Gosh; the donkey is less patient than me; Alfonso wondered what would the donkey do to a snappy Boss?! A slight kick; maybe.



Dead Ends..

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” ― Thomas A. Edison

A husband remembers talking to his wife:

Kate, Will you please help me to Find as many Dead Ends as possible at the earliest;

just Like Edison..

Kate: Honey, Marriage is Included?

Husband Murmuring: It should top the List.

Kate: Honey, Remember; I read Astronaut’s Minds Out There.

Husband: Baby, now we are talking. The second hidden end Please.