the tailor

seven in the morning, he wakes up

move out of his be slowely like a snake

she must not observe his movement

reach to his shop at nine,traffic jam

no, he has to pass by the city collage to see someone

who is studying psychology, in her twenties

does she mind a tailor, over fifty one?

it looks like, she smiles back

his heart beats grow stronger..

the phone rings, darling i am awake

not feelin well, please come back home

i need to go to the clinic..

the tailor is confused now..

thought about it many times..

it is crazy, he went with a new destiny;

kept him in coma..



she is leaving tonight..

to a destiny; everlasting..

meaningless blossoms..

can not taste tulips..

feel my heart beats; never mind her now..

Manhattan, play the blues till dawn..

she dances alone..dark brown lips..

come back home and astonish the wolf again and again..

her curves sways…satin slim tiny dress..

hazel eyes; sick illusions…

lost in lust, com on over and play it now..

loneliness to sue you..

judged to fade in a desert..

do not be afraid…snakes went to Miami..

will be back with a divorce..


too late…

When you start to see any other female as a super pretty model expect your own woman, it is surely a froth glitch my friend Alfonso.

On day you will regret it, then there will be no turning back brother. Hold her tight, hug her and let her feel your heart beats. No doubt then you will have plenty of happiness stories to tell. Catch the moment before it is too late mate.


Is it Julia my dear Alfonso?

She was the one caused your accident leaving you paralyzed last summer; without a direction.. half naked she kept you wandering the whole night in the cold allies..

Now, remember her words: go tear your heart into pieces; I will never be yours..

Poor Alfonso; you need to get rid of that  toxic heart of yours; falling in love with each girl you meet claiming she is your dream. Alfonso mate, it is over.

Hear the voices in your head screaming: it is just not as clean as you imagined it will be. Just stop dreaming now, Julia is back for a glass of wine, but it will never be you around the table.


time of silence..

evoke..anytime, wherever,

felt it?

shout it loud, useless..

hear the scream, none;

live the pleasures, endlessly.

craving for a kiss,endless possibilities,

draw it at down; ring my bell,

in a tunnel of Alzheimer,

while first time drunk,

all through the years,

silence overwhelming hearts.

tear drops engrave skeletons,

screams diminishes in salty valleys,

pains evoke bloody tears,

all through the stinky years.

Damned silence,

should have never mention it.

The fur.

She was waiting to cross the 6th road in Dallas when a six feet tall grey haired weird young guy stood beside her; staring in a fearsome was at her shoulders. She wonders, he said, I am sure you are scared; a bit- she replied with a swift glance moving forward. Shame, visitors are not allowed any more, still drunk guys move around the zoo.

He took of his coat and but it around her shoulders. Thank you, she whispered. You must be wondering whether we meet before? Yes, we did; two hundred years ago, in Bangkok. Do you remember when that early morning going out of the cotton factory. His heart was shaking of cold, she offered her red woolen fur, then walked down the stinky ally and took a glass of red wine in the dark restaurant, remember the blind waitress- she was gorgeous, blond and single.

Since then, he spent all those years hoping to find her; now that he did, he just wants to feel that fur again but with a hug; is that an extravagant?!


.. as we start..

flattered heart,

deal with it, it is your tart..

fly her to a planet,

collect ugly sand particles..

seek crystal ones, then

varnish the sunset,

where mermaids lay na….d.

mind the glass..

the one beside the candle..

filled with red wine..

finally, her tattoo will shine..

a mermaid in red.

remembers last spring;

a crushed soul;

worthless, stained charm,

craving for…..everything intact.