narrow frames..!

Just keep on moving darlin;

Could it be the chemistry?

Freaked out in dark basements…

Stuck in a gloomy sunrise…

with you gain!

forget our tears;

neglect our fears;

never mind wasted years..

just place our destiny to a; narrow frame of fame…

torn apart..but still;

adore your skin smell;

gosh, deep in side still.



youth ends;

past, ends;

present, ends;

future, ends;

you and I, gosh, will one day end.

dear; such a lovely end.

just buckle your stallion at the tent’s main gate;

move in and pray this moment will come to an end.

then, you might guess why !


Flaunt in and out..would she remember tulips?

If yes. Then why souls lost essence?..

Love; are you really there; alive?

Dare you stay answer!!

Lovers meet, relationship disappears;

In a year, or rarely lasts few years…

Detained against broken walls, shaded windows; for ages.

Now, hear the silences across the Rhine..

Calling you; will you ever make it through?

Spent a life time; numb..paralyzed..

Misery was always in the way; death looms..

Ridiculous dreams, Ridiculous youth, Ridiculous relationships..

Ridiculous start, Ridiculous end..

A never ending mid life crisis; lifetime favorite ridicule…

Butterflies enjoyed ugly birth; will she ever will?


the kid..

Alfonso mate, we did discus this last year; remember? She fooled you just to spend the summer till her angel returns from his vacation. Now, please stop telling her to read your mind, start teaching her how to feel your pains.

Gosh mate, you keep on telling me that you are crazy in love with her and you dream of her every night. Believe me, nothing lasts forever; surely i remember; she told you that. Try to remind her of the very first lesson she tough you; on a dark branch of life where time got frozen to find yourself as a father of handsome little boy. By the way Alfonso, did she tell you his name yet?

Alfonso, Alfonso mate, are you okay? just open your eyes mate..please.. hang on!! you look so pale. Gosh, sure mate i will call the ambulance…yes mate, i can hear you…go ahead, i am listing…

….i am dying…i need to hold the the kid.

bittersweet life always;

faithless…no kidneys;

love went wickedly silly;

Grey haired..full chin;

chest! maybe;

sunshine goes blurred;

notoriously undone..will you?

game changes after fifty;

silky death signs looms;

dressed in white cotton;

carried to his tiniest ever dim space; the piano;;

enjoy harmonic tones;

with cowards in black;

angry?.. leaving behind good old bittersweet life;

for ever….

to rotten beneath; alone.


Lately, or maybe since he was born, his father accused him of being the complicated son. Is it so? He always wondered. He sees himself as a natural simple young man in his early twenty’s. Yes, till now he did not fall in love, a love that he always craved for. Just a second, what about Sara? She is lovely, pretty, red haired with a wet green eyes ever times they look at each others eyes.

Well, who cares as long as his mother supports him. To her, he is not the complicated son, it was his youngest brother who spend years threatening them that he would leave the house if his wishes were not fulfilled, keeping his mumĀ forlorn all the time.

Talked to his mum about Sara, Son, she can pass by son for a cup of tea. Gosh, look at you baby, he adores her long red hair over the white top, how about playing our favorite smooth Jazz music and relax. Father still calling you complicated, yes dear, what may I say? I respected him when I was young. Now, after fifty-one, I am sorry to say that there were times I felt breathless. After all, as a complicated man, I love you so much Dad.

tear drop

keep your head up; up side down,

numb; still my hearts rests at your finger tips.

swallowed by a coco night

into your lifetime dark sunshine

dreaming of heaven, silky road; a blocked loop.

scream day and night; release me..

again, another shout in vain..

love blown away into summer rains

bellow, towels, full of tears, tears of blood.

Enjoy your fears and every tear drop.


Curiously expressing dully flares;

Rickety glares wading brown eyes;

Blaming ex-lovers;

Another mischievous foe;

Longing for ancient non-Serviceable sloppy relationship;

While sneaking to the basements..

Frozen, facing misty corners;

Soul plunged into clutter;

Apprehend my soul, my body;

Theme; Corrupted hostages;

Ravaged since birth;

As enamored with green-eyed lover;

her youth glares;

deep love Shimmers; paradoxically;

overwhelming enjoyable fury.