Obnoxious minds…

Thoughts’ Gate Pierced;

Prohibited, yet Tasty Madness

Chaining Crazy Curves.

Endless Cuteness, disillusioned

Abandoned Table for Tow

Wine splashes melted Red Candles

Pointless, Uneven state of Mind

Prudent drizzly Summer

Acid rain over Tragic Relationships.

Crushed blossom; Intense,

Ditched on Tanned Neck.

Eternally, Joyfully,

Obnoxious Minds Illuminates.


Butterflies’ bones.

Read her mind; soaring sorrows;

years of solitude made her an errant coward;

strawberry bubble baths, no more;

just wandering brownish zombies at the bloody floor;

plucking infant’s ears at the nurseries,

tress flew out of the buss windows.

Mothers’ cries shreds puffy toxic lungs.

Has Eryngium grew on butterflies’ bones?

Ebony-like bones of a seductive curvy waist.

read again;

 conscience purified.

Now, read beyond her bones’ aroma.