Just Improvise.

Why to suffer from Sadness, Toxicity, and Love?!. Just remember that:-

”Life is a lot like jazz… it’s best when you improvise.” _George Gershwin.


the last serenade..

As he approaches her cottage, she could feel his heart beats; Can it be true? She whispers. After all those years, he is back; I must dress up- I will put on the velvet dress he adores. His foot steps are becoming closer and closer; she hears knocks on the door. Gosh, where is the perfume he bought me on our first Valentines day? Here it is and I will just play the music we used to dance to all night long.

She rushed down stairs to the main door; My God, you are still so handsome love… But why sadness fills your eyes?. I am sorry baby, tonight you will go to bed listening to the serenade I composed especially for you. With no regrets; darling, read my mind- a gorgeous red-haired is an aspiration- a fresh blossom.

The man with a tummy

Last summer he started a harsh diet to get rid of his relatively projected tummy. All he wanted to do is to please you. He leaned and played you devil blues, took you for a three weeks’ vacation to Asia. Unfortunately, you are still murmuring,’’ I am not comfortable and just cannot tolerate him any more’’.

Dear, think about this, is he kind, gentle, caring? Is he stubborn? Or all you wanted is your freedom? Is it only because of his tummy or there are other concerns, thoughts, plans? Failing to convince yourself, then is it an intricate end or a very fancy start? Beware of freezing tears of regret; left depleted, un hugged, lonely, and churned with sadness. Well, never mind last summer dear; another false good old days. Do you still think that he is the only pale reality in life-once freed? Keen to be, once more alive. Can you elaborate further please? The end blossom looms.