My Divorce.

A sixty years old Psychologist treated Anna for years. He used to visit her at home for therapy. The Psychologist was not so keen to be paid. Her husband was under the impression that Anna is just pretending. This was a great source of the husband jealousy. Just some basic doubts to be confirmed. Can this be true, he is an elderly and my wife is only thirty-one? he wondered. So, he decided to pretend being away on the next treatment session. He sneaked to the garden to watch them from the low bedroom window.

Anna jumped from her bed, hugged the old man strongly and began to cry. She sat on his lab with her head on his chest and her hands running smoothly on his grey hair. Here, he decided to break the door in a savage manner seeking revenge. She shouted; enough you are acting nuts as ever. Damn it, he is my father you fool.

You know exactly why I did hide the truth for all those years. It was your mother who did not agree to our marriage. She rejected my father when he proposed to her. I loved you so much to let this spoil our life. For now darling, I am relieved. Please, send me my divorce paper ;  I am done.



One Month Old Blogger..

I would like to thank everyone who visited my blog, liked and commented on a post. Today I can say that after one month with wordpress I am pleased to connect with wonderful bloggers. Loved reading their thoughts that was an inspiration. Now, I can confirm that interaction with bloggers from seven continents is overwhelming. I am grateful to all the wonderful people who is following my blog now. However, in the  beginning, I thought that this is far from being a reality.

Finally, I would like you to excuse my poor English hoping to see real improvement post after post as blogging encouraged me to read more and more papers.

God Bless You All.