Bianca and the farm

Born in a detached village on a carpet in a cold cottage basement. Late November 1712, it was snowing heavenly and his father just stood hopeless as the mother gave birth to a cute baby girl minutes before she took the last breath. He had to suffer for two days in front of the body till he had the chance to bury his wife without even a decent funeral. At least she gave birth to their first child. She was ‘Bianca’, a name the mother has always dreamed of calling her daughter by.

The father used to get up before sunrise to reach his potato farm that fed the family for years. Bianca could not accompany her father as she was born with paralyzed legs. The father spent twelve years trying to heal Bianca’s illness but unfortunately it was incurable. He felt the guilt and poverty tightened his ability to offer anything. he sold the farm, the house, and all their belongings including Bianca’s mother cheap weeding dress trying to find a cure; useless. Father drove Bianca to the neighbor’s cottage. His body was found after three weeks by the river side in the farm he sold with left hand’s veins cut.


Traumatic Journey




Tried hard as time blunders between her finger tips

To forget him; useless.

Memories splashes once she hugs her lonely pillow

Reproach isn’t healing wounds that are deeply engraved

Pains lingers on by the rain on the wooden roof window

Her hair is wet and the bones quivers like a leaf

Promises are fragile; he is still thoughtless

She called his baby Nathan,

Nathan broke their hearts

Born paralyzed; dumb.

A twenty years long journey in hospitals

Found themselves after all very much devoted

Devoted to a traumatic journey they regret starting.

Should they?!