Well Alfonso, here you go again. It sure has been a long time since we last meet in Paris. The airport was full of travelers; despite it is what it has always been, you still adore tight jeans and feminine perfumes. Is she arriving soon? Sure mate; her flight has just landed. Yeah, that is why you could not move your eyes away from the exit gate. Will get us some smoothies, okay? With mint please; sure mate.

Fingers crossed that she will be on that plane. Since last summer, Alfonso has checked every flight from the Bahamas. DrinksĀ his smoothie, waited till the last passenger exits that gate; but she never showed up.

Here you are mate. Appreciated whispered Alfonso with tears in his tired brown eyes. She sent a message with a passenger: Love, wait no more for me; A Tango partner stepped in; enjoy your smoothie while he enjoys the steps and the perfume.



Hearts….full of dreams…

since ever; cannot be mistaken.



childhood; maiden.




never ending ..fallin.


pains never soften;

fears cuts like a knife…

hot blooded wounds; frozen…

narcissism; never soften;

huh; still alive?

although takeN!!



time of silence..

evoke..anytime, wherever,

felt it?

shout it loud, useless..

hear the scream, none;

live the pleasures, endlessly.

craving for a kiss,endless possibilities,

draw it at down; ring my bell,

in a tunnel of Alzheimer,

while first time drunk,

all through the years,

silence overwhelming hearts.

tear drops engrave skeletons,

screams diminishes in salty valleys,

pains evoke bloody tears,

all through the stinky years.

Damned silence,

should have never mention it.

tear drop

keep your head up; up side down,

numb; still my hearts rests at your finger tips.

swallowed by a coco night

into your lifetime dark sunshine

dreaming of heaven, silky road; a blocked loop.

scream day and night; release me..

again, another shout in vain..

love blown away into summer rains

bellow, towels, full of tears, tears of blood.

Enjoy your fears and every tear drop.