..she is not there!

Brain putrefied; wake up to the blues;

on the run from his saddest feelings..

lost a sincere soul foundation for a nil harmony;

biological victims wanders within..

creeping pains silenced his lungs…

speechless disorder craving for mercy..

day after day and year after year..

he is still alone on the dance floor; thoughtless.

the boiled frog’s dreams looms; suffering in a rotten swamp..

grieves dipped you there,

he knows it; the end is never gonna be shinny;

rock stars expires on the stage; mid party..

prudent express discussion,

your cottage has collapsed with the marriage kiss;

enjoy an ugly, bloody relationship,

profound decision taken; leave.

just leave, you crave for a sanctuary.

now, now there is no second chance to withdrawal;

she is there no more.

enjoy the music alone; again- will you ever?.





once again..

never speak out, feel it,

a quick one, tonight;

long and lonely..

ever lasting..

heavenly tears..

vanished; once again..

churn her spirit..

twisted waist..

bleeding heart..

ugly hair cut…


useless; tasteless clousure..

once again, after fifty, shine;

if ever.


imminent recreation..

Alfonso thought about it since he was twelve….

Today, it is imminent.. Yes; it should be now before it is too late..

He is just not so sure where or when to start…and

With what?,….With whom?…..And why is it need:

Stupidity overwhelms!

Mate, it is a pain in the neck. Call whoever to recreate stinky souls..

When all done; devils will entertain the town again..

Chimneys fall on the backer shop..

Bar girls running across the street half naked..

Holding her son with bloody weak arms; Kate screams.

Be aware, the buss driver just went unconscious; drunk maybe.

Now, Alfonso calls again…

No answer… Why? Where it the Lord of the rings..

Where did all the peculiar guys disappear?

Alfonso, it is just another one ugly illusion of yours; Kate shouts..

Time to create it all over again; Maintain you manhood.