Obnoxious minds…

Thoughts’ Gate Pierced;

Prohibited, yet Tasty Madness

Chaining Crazy Curves.

Endless Cuteness, disillusioned

Abandoned Table for Tow

Wine splashes melted Red Candles

Pointless, Uneven state of Mind

Prudent drizzly Summer

Acid rain over Tragic Relationships.

Crushed blossom; Intense,

Ditched on Tanned Neck.

Eternally, Joyfully,

Obnoxious Minds Illuminates.


Just Keep Me..

He stared yelling; you did it.

Gosh, I trusted you. How dare you?

Somehow she managed to stay calm,

Not till the moment,

Ugly are those feelings,

Overwhelming lonely nights,

From the balcony, she hears his breath,

So deep, anger extends,

Never mind it, feelings faded,

Just savor our red wine,

remember its taste over your skin.

It cools him down, every time.

Swirled thoughts on the bed head board,

Wait for the dawn, your wound bleeds till Friday.

Heal, exhale, yoga will not do,

empty head, blurred eyes,

She collapsed on his shoulder,

Darling, just keep me,

Vacant spacious bed, then,

You can always enjoy me; daring,

your anxiety.