youth ends;

past, ends;

present, ends;

future, ends;

you and I, gosh, will one day end.

dear; such a lovely end.

just buckle your stallion at the tent’s main gate;

move in and pray this moment will come to an end.

then, you might guess why !


Elusive Charms.

Again, he is fascinated with her Elusive Charms.

Ex-lover is back after long

Holding rickety enthusiasm

Vowing for his woman’s tenderness

As he approaches,

Her breathes goes Chaotic

Stiffly, She can feel his finger tips

Her curves shiver,

Her Head spins

Revealing sweetened memories

Her Eyes blurred;

Should I allow him, again.? She wonders.

No, not this time..

Plunged in chaotic relationship;

Ravages her youth.

Grounded attitude perched.

A unique raw elegant attitude;

Casual; still adorable;

Welcome back dear; Come on in.