A dead forest

Eventually, bottom Oak tree branch will fail under increasing consignments from a supreme thicker one that has thicker and bigger leaves. Leaves that allowed no sunshine to nourish deprived skinny branch that had always been thirsty for sunlight. Apes swings around under leave’s shade enjoying free food; breeding in summer. Forgotten the long lived agony’s ember. Life just got so neutral after Tarzan’s departure to the gambling city. Failed again to promote forest’s life as gamblers fancied contemporary fashion trends. Tarzan, dare you yoga or say yes to renounce ancient beliefs rooted within weak branches. Symptoms of Alzheimer, inequality of leaves poisoned authentic social ties within butterfly’s society as they fear wild snakes with faces looks more like wicked witch’s on a broom; Tarzan, remember her hair cut?

On the top branches stood the hungry eagles staring in patience at the occupants in the shed bellow. Eagle’s babies expecting a fresh tasty meal. An early morning promise made by their muscular father prior the departure. Quarterly, frogs ranks eagle’s devoted ethos as they gain weight. Branch can no longer absorb sharp nails tightness. Never disdained polluted Autumn’s wild wind, the branch’s lungs can take it no more; such a past time sin’s fulfillment. Forest, passed away in serenity before dawn. Centuries back, in a perilous valley, drunk lizards celebrated stitching forest’s bloody dreadful coffin. Black warmth at midnight gifted nasty lizards’ tinny rotten arrogance. Hey ya Elephant, while pregnant keep both eyes open, your forest might be next to die in peace ? Endlessly private.


Waxion; a bit..

Feel the anger; wax it,

Meet dead ends; waxed,

Knew it; damn sunshine.

Dream freedom; a bit,

Wax n brain wash; an abundant of.

A bit; devastating ugliness,

Humans waxed; just a lot.

Destination, Pacific shore; alone honey,

Devil is your drunk captain;

Sailing smoothly all the way,

Across the ocean, feel his sharp nail around your neck,

Dipped in melted wax,

Bleeding love; shore is quite unreachable.

learning to quit.

I sometimes get frustrated with the fact that an overwhelming negative thoughts roles one’s behavior. How hard can it be to convince your inner conscience that you need to keep on learning even when reaching fifty one. A quality learning is what we talk about here not just  information that can be just collected from the web. Affording a quality learning is another concern to many keeping in mind that one needs to increase his income.

Work or learn? This us the formula to be solved when you get older, regardless what you perceive ‘older’. The solution must be urgently defined as prompt action are necessary.

Do we learn to discover ourselves or it is just what mum and dad wants? I believe it is a necessity to breath, to survive, and mainly to live the joy of achievement. Quitting is an achievement as well; isn’t it?

The womb.

womanSometime at late fifties, on a dark winter night, on a small sea side village full of farmers lived a young boy called ”Nameless”; seems nuts. His mother got trapped between the father who sails eight months a year and a nasty boss who is around daily as she cleans the office and serves his coffee. Admit it, an old approach to life, cheaters are all over, regardless. ”Nameless” has got no education till lately. He learned the hard way, begging for passion and tenderness but mainly for house expenses that Father used to waste on the blond- Boss’s assistant. Damn it, ”Nameless” can take it no more. Father, left them to poverty that torn them apart. Mum has longed for a brave husband to defend her. The boss was a demanding cowered; just as the husband in most of the nights he was around.

How do you think son’s feelings were like then? Never mind, now he just doesn’t care. She used to plea for mercy time and time again. Surrounding males’ approach stinks ones soul. At those times, ‘’Nameless’’ saw it all. But, unfortunately, he was so weak to fight back defending his fragile mother. Mother surrendered and collapsed. ‘’Nameless’’ lost interest of school’s home works. Failed with all life’s aspects. A life that made him as fragile as a bleeding womb. A female attitude in a male’s body, toilet, and name maybe. Not sure of it all. Life has turned bleak just as mother’s cracked womb. Is it still hard for you to remember when Mum was as fresh as a morning blossomed rose, slushy as fresh honey?! Damn you Dad; if I may- We literally were turned into walking dead. Under the shower, bloody water drained away tears of  grief as it smoothly slipped over the shoulders. A totally new womb melted with anger. Curtains falls on a miserable scene; father arrives at the door step; Sorry, you are no more welcomed, neither is the Boss.

..she is not there!

Brain putrefied; wake up to the blues;

on the run from his saddest feelings..

lost a sincere soul foundation for a nil harmony;

biological victims wanders within..

creeping pains silenced his lungs…

speechless disorder craving for mercy..

day after day and year after year..

he is still alone on the dance floor; thoughtless.

the boiled frog’s dreams looms; suffering in a rotten swamp..

grieves dipped you there,

he knows it; the end is never gonna be shinny;

rock stars expires on the stage; mid party..

prudent express discussion,

your cottage has collapsed with the marriage kiss;

enjoy an ugly, bloody relationship,

profound decision taken; leave.

just leave, you crave for a sanctuary.

now, now there is no second chance to withdrawal;

she is there no more.

enjoy the music alone; again- will you ever?.





Black and White; a clear portrait.

Good and Evil; a win-win situation.

Mum and Dad; an obsolete divorce.

Birth and Death; deepest griefs.

Love and Hatred; a jazzy life.

Heart and Mind; ridiculously inherited.

Body and Soul; a rotten truth.

You and I; a never-ending fantasy.

Me and Myself; an eternal lore that never thrilled.

Atrocious status..

Be in the know Kate that Alfonso is fed up of the way you approach him. He is suffering and just too shy to express the way he feels when you hostilely talk to him. It has been ages since you touched him tenderly; he craves for it. As a long-time partner, you are supposed to be super gentle to your soulmate. Now, the status is still tolerable. However, this caused lots of issues with his job causing a solemn confusion with his management. Deep down he wanted to stand and reject your sarcastic way of taking.

The accountant’s wife is not happy as well. Once she gets a divorce, there will be others to follow. Then, you will have to handle an atrocious status alone. Someone will be hit hart, most probably with a mallet in the face; still forget most of late marriage nights and destroyed pleasures. Eventually sent to poverty and misery again; maintaining same status it all started ages ago.


now that it is all over;

sun shines; not as sweet..

over Jupiter, another cracked relationship;

come on over dear,

be brave; it is past mid night..

not so misty; is it your soul Blondie?

lift her up, curves held;

tight, till another sunshine,

once freed; surrender to the wind..

wander bare footed, wrapped with white fur;

basement is yours..all of it,

never ever think of breaking free..

lower levels are dedicated..

nice, muddy, overwhelmed with poverty..

cry it out loud, working hard; just like a…

morning jazz will never pick up troubled dreams;

no more standing at door step;

enjoy chimney’s dark stinky smoke..

penetrating tiny blocked lungs..

soul strives for a memory..

of a simple thing;

saxophones play favorite classics;

demons inhale misty thoughts…



..status; blues…

leavin today!

what a madness!

do you believe the same words?

nope…as ever; a lie

a fancy silky tie,

just to be satisfied;

you name it, cry it..

can not hear you no more,

no such mercy,

alone again; in an abandoned town..

is it right, woman?

walk out. now please..

wonna cry the blues on stinky memories..

down with any trace of your passion.

not so sure about you woman,

darkness goes on and still,

a honey, a cutie, a memory.