Black and White; a clear portrait.

Good and Evil; a win-win situation.

Mum and Dad; an obsolete divorce.

Birth and Death; deepest griefs.

Love and Hatred; a jazzy life.

Heart and Mind; ridiculously inherited.

Body and Soul; a rotten truth.

You and I; a never-ending fantasy.

Me and Myself; an eternal lore that never thrilled.


Atrocious status..

Be in the know Kate that Alfonso is fed up of the way you approach him. He is suffering and just too shy to express the way he feels when you hostilely talk to him. It has been ages since you touched him tenderly; he craves for it. As a long-time partner, you are supposed to be super gentle to your soulmate. Now, the status is still tolerable. However, this caused lots of issues with his job causing a solemn confusion with his management. Deep down he wanted to stand and reject your sarcastic way of taking.

The accountant’s wife is not happy as well. Once she gets a divorce, there will be others to follow. Then, you will have to handle an atrocious status alone. Someone will be hit hart, most probably with a mallet in the face; still forget most of late marriage nights and destroyed pleasures. Eventually sent to poverty and misery again; maintaining same status it all started ages ago.


now that it is all over;

sun shines; not as sweet..

over Jupiter, another cracked relationship;

come on over dear,

be brave; it is past mid night..

not so misty; is it your soul Blondie?

lift her up, curves held;

tight, till another sunshine,

once freed; surrender to the wind..

wander bare footed, wrapped with white fur;

basement is yours..all of it,

never ever think of breaking free..

lower levels are dedicated..

nice, muddy, overwhelmed with poverty..

cry it out loud, working hard; just like a…

morning jazz will never pick up troubled dreams;

no more standing at door step;

enjoy chimney’s dark stinky smoke..

penetrating tiny blocked lungs..

soul strives for a memory..

of a simple thing;

saxophones play favorite classics;

demons inhale misty thoughts…



..status; blues…

leavin today!

what a madness!

do you believe the same words?

nope…as ever; a lie

a fancy silky tie,

just to be satisfied;

you name it, cry it..

can not hear you no more,

no such mercy,

alone again; in an abandoned town..

is it right, woman?

walk out. now please..

wonna cry the blues on stinky memories..

down with any trace of your passion.

not so sure about you woman,

darkness goes on and still,

a honey, a cutie, a memory.


Anything in common? Just wondering!!

mingled limits of caring, criticized;

busy pleasing stormy instinct,

triggered with anger, at last overwhelmed;

enough, nothing new;

bloodless periods; all year long;

state of worthless minds in difference,

thirsty for laughter, fatherhood;

craving to sings, lungs slaughtered,

after a thousand century of self-destruction,

his soul is finally healed;

again, via another devastation;

enjoyed a self-sabotaged youth;

differently raised up in pains,

damned; yet sabotaged soul.




once we die darling,

juxtapose our bodies,

let go your fears now,

no one hears your roars,

no one sees your flammable eyes,

no one smells your sweat,

every one just wonna be in my shoes.

spell it out..

damn it..

it is a crisis..

one that starts now..

and ends once you get back to life; if ever…

Awkward denial

It is the divorce, a done deal. Things just cannot continue this way. Alfonso is out late till his salary is gone in gambling. Kate just waited in vain; hopeless.

Here he comes;

Kate: Welcome dear; murmuring.

Alfonso: You are starting again. I don’t like this tone and I told you many times.

Kate: Well, stop being late till dawn then.

Alfonso: I am happy like that, and we agreed on divorce, right?

Kate: But I still love you like crazy.

Alfonso: I do not feel the same anymore.

Kate collapses and he lifted her from the floor and drove fast to the hospital.

Doctor: Sorry, she could not make it. It was a heat stroke. Is she your wife?

Alfonso: No. Just an assumption.

toxic knowledge..

complications; at day..

during night, further deeper complication..

being single, complication..

being married, with or without kids, complications…

be it happy or sad youth; complicated

being in love; somehow complex..

lost beloved ones or meet new ones; complicates your misery…

rich or poor, through out summer or spring, complicated..

still searching for a job or once employed, complex formula..

the good old days, seems less complicated..

funeral day; complex?

yes, your funeral mate..

feel it none!…toxic knowledge.

the donkey…

By the time his manager reached, Alfonso was just about to finish welding the window main frame surrounding a blue crystal reflected glass. Boss shouted in anger; we need to deliver the windows to the jewelry shop today, the opening ceremony is at the weekend. Alfonso stood up staring straight between the angry boss’s eyes showing drops of sweat on his cheeks and smiled; sure boss, do not worry, it will be ready in no time. Then, you better put more efforts; screamed the furious Boss again.

Alfonso left for the day. While walking on his way home he saw a donkey beside the garbage trolley. The donkey was staring at Alfonso and his eyes looked as if saying something. Alfonso went closer and closer, the donkey kept staring; now he started to get furious sending his long ears back wards. Alfonso got scarred and left the pavement towards the asphalt.

Gosh; the donkey is less patient than me; Alfonso wondered what would the donkey do to a snappy Boss?! A slight kick; maybe.