Agile Loophole

Moments of silence, direction;

Heaven or hell, vision blurred,

Beloved lost to cancer,

Cold lonely years,

shredded feelings overwhelm.

Loopholes extend pains,

Veins shiver, casual; no more.

Release your tears;

Tonight only, you are allowed,

Just damn it, burn it on wet floors;

as you may, scream it in silence.

Lungs growing narrow,

While heavenly thin loophole evolves.

Now, escape, discharge all your powers to the wind,

With a smile that whispers:

Baby, craving for the red curly hair,

Now, as agile as ever;

never-ending loopholes, since ever.


The Blue Lake.

Hand in hand with his darling,

accompanied by years of scandalous excitement.

Headed south west to the mysterious blue lake.
At dawn, lake’s wicked preserver welcomes them;
My heroes, for centuries, notorious reputation nurtured lake’s bed,
Winter nights troubled with cozy substandard celebrations.
Overwhelming fuss, went to sleep over cottage wreckage;

Brutal dreams, hectic love, sick candle lights;

Endlessly hunting late sympathy.