dark alley..

How do you feel now Al fonso? Head full of grey hair, weak knees, you barely can lift her now. Come one mate, do not tell me you have forgotten the good old days when you have twisted muscles and six-back stomach.

Well, try to call her, you might get another chance to be loved. I know your feelings, she is still your favorite, a cute blond with a high heals and a leather mini black skirt. Got familiar of being stuck in your dark room smoking and then go to sleep drunk; missing a melody.

Your saxophone got rusted, craving for your fingers, pick it up and let us hear ”Feelings” the way you used to play while she dances with the grey-haired; those days, you were a man full of energy, life was so generous. Now and after twenty one years, it is a thwart to lose beloved ones; imprisoned in life’s dark alley till dooms day.




Is it Julia my dear Alfonso?

She was the one caused your accident leaving you paralyzed last summer; without a direction.. half naked she kept you wandering the whole night in the cold allies..

Now, remember her words: go tear your heart into pieces; I will never be yours..

Poor Alfonso; you need to get rid of that  toxic heart of yours; falling in love with each girl you meet claiming she is your dream. Alfonso mate, it is over.

Hear the voices in your head screaming: it is just not as clean as you imagined it will be. Just stop dreaming now, Julia is back for a glass of wine, but it will never be you around the table.


..call Dad..

Out of sadness.. Into depression..

Wasting your life; no love in the horizon..

Alternate loneliness and despair.

Can never cry out what so ever;

Even when bleeding, Even once blessed.

Can never shout it: damn it..

Sacrifice your existence, for happiness, if ever.

Is it worth it? are you willing to?

Surely; today at least! Otherwise,

Will you be granted another chance, if ever?

Then, would you answer someone’s whispers:

Till when you can still swallow a life that stinks?

Now, call Dad: Just can not keep on playing the Blues anymore.



the kid..

Alfonso mate, we did discus this last year; remember? She fooled you just to spend the summer till her angel returns from his vacation. Now, please stop telling her to read your mind, start teaching her how to feel your pains.

Gosh mate, you keep on telling me that you are crazy in love with her and you dream of her every night. Believe me, nothing lasts forever; surely i remember; she told you that. Try to remind her of the very first lesson she tough you; on a dark branch of life where time got frozen to find yourself as a father of handsome little boy. By the way Alfonso, did she tell you his name yet?

Alfonso, Alfonso mate, are you okay? just open your eyes mate..please.. hang on!! you look so pale. Gosh, sure mate i will call the ambulance…yes mate, i can hear you…go ahead, i am listing…

….i am dying…i need to hold the the kid.

bittersweet life

hopeless..as always;

faithless…no kidneys;

love went wickedly silly;

Grey haired..full chin;

chest! maybe;

sunshine goes blurred;

notoriously undone..will you?

game changes after fifty;

silky death signs looms;

dressed in white cotton;

carried to his tiniest ever dim space;

now..play the piano;


enjoy harmonic tones;

with cowards in black;

angry?.. leaving behind good old bittersweet life;

for ever….

to rotten beneath; alone.

The Soul Mate.

At New Year’s Eve, he stretched his thin legs and laid on the grey sofa, he holds tight the TV remote control, she wonders, will he ever set her favorite channel! That never happened before without a long argument and argument. Dear, will you make us coffee, she whispers. His lungs get full of air, polluted kinda slur.

I am watching the news, maybe after words; he replied with anger. She wanted to get crazy, but decided to calm down, this was always the case the last twenty years of a dreadful marriage; soul traits cracked on such a special night.

How come they never enjoyed a dinner!? Tonight, she prepared his favorite dish with broccoli salad and red wine. Ironically, what a miserable night, your perfumes are getting dried in their bottles, check the shelves. When he is going to smell it on your fancy black lace mini night fit? Time to let go the hipster to love. Insist for hugs of freedom; a soulmate milestone.