shy away

Alfonso my friend, get out of the encrusted zone, …

..” its not just something you take its given.“.. day, she will make you happy..

…fulfilled passion for love..

…then only, shy away.



another thought..

Alfonso, will still need to compromise when all that you share with a life time partner is an obligation to pay utility bills and tuition fees?

Is that it? Nights overwhelmed with misery..

No mate.. What is left for a grey-haired after fifty one?

Gotta sing the blues..Yes, but never alone.

Sorry..another thought is worth it.


The Soul Mate.

At New Year’s Eve, he stretched his thin legs and laid on the grey sofa, he holds tight the TV remote control, she wonders, will he ever set her favorite channel! That never happened before without a long argument and argument. Dear, will you make us coffee, she whispers. His lungs get full of air, polluted kinda slur.

I am watching the news, maybe after words; he replied with anger. She wanted to get crazy, but decided to calm down, this was always the case the last twenty years of a dreadful marriage; soul traits cracked on such a special night.

How come they never enjoyed a dinner!? Tonight, she prepared his favorite dish with broccoli salad and red wine. Ironically, what a miserable night, your perfumes are getting dried in their bottles, check the shelves. When he is going to smell it on your fancy black lace mini night fit? Time to let go the hipster to love. Insist for hugs of freedom; a soulmate milestone.

Transcendental youth

Was it really the case at the old cottage he inherited from his step father?
roars of compassion…
Get mind scan.
Chose panic or happiness once at a time..
Attentive to shades, any color would do..
Unless the wind blows, you are stuck in mud
I’d desire freaking sad eyes…
a phenomenal tragedy keeps you awake…
Madness pay attention to the mermaid as she screams…fallin…alone …
Inspired illusion of sadness..
Thus lovin senseless birthday present;
a bracelet, stained, blurred, cracked by tears.
Mermaid, adored bracelets around your tiny belly
At dawn, you tend to scream it out;
Stay hear youth, hate you dying…every night.
Leaving him stained with colors of muddy sadness.
let him enjoy the blossoms of youth before tragedies panics his soul off.

Agile Loophole

Moments of silence, direction;

Heaven or hell, vision blurred,

Beloved lost to cancer,

Cold lonely years,

shredded feelings overwhelm.

Loopholes extend pains,

Veins shiver, casual; no more.

Release your tears;

Tonight only, you are allowed,

Just damn it, burn it on wet floors;

as you may, scream it in silence.

Lungs growing narrow,

While heavenly thin loophole evolves.

Now, escape, discharge all your powers to the wind,

With a smile that whispers:

Baby, craving for the red curly hair,

Now, as agile as ever;

never-ending loopholes, since ever.


Lately, or maybe since he was born, his father accused him of being the complicated son. Is it so? He always wondered. He sees himself as a natural simple young man in his early twenty’s. Yes, till now he did not fall in love, a love that he always craved for. Just a second, what about Sara? She is lovely, pretty, red haired with a wet green eyes ever times they look at each others eyes.

Well, who cares as long as his mother supports him. To her, he is not the complicated son, it was his youngest brother who spend years threatening them that he would leave the house if his wishes were not fulfilled, keeping his mum forlorn all the time.

Talked to his mum about Sara, Son, she can pass by son for a cup of tea. Gosh, look at you baby, he adores her long red hair over the white top, how about playing our favorite smooth Jazz music and relax. Father still calling you complicated, yes dear, what may I say? I respected him when I was young. Now, after fifty-one, I am sorry to say that there were times I felt breathless. After all, as a complicated man, I love you so much Dad.

A lost luster.

Tonight, he went to the same place he visited about six hundred years ago. Trying to find a clue or a trace of a crazy feeling he longed for since ever.

She was supposed to be still dancing on the stage with that tiny red lingerie. going around that shinny pillar. Unfortunately, he saw all other dancers except the one in the red lingerie. asked the waitress, she is off today, you know where she stays, don’t you? – a response with a yellow smile.

Yea, he remembers the apartment at the end of the ninety-one steps upwards narrow bushy ally. But, i would he still be able to climb those as he used to do?

tried hard, rested every few steps of the stairs that was almost covered with mud. knocked the door, she opened wrapped on a thick red woolen coat. Gosh, baby it is you! she sneaked a straight look to his eyes, then stared down to the door step murdering: My hero, where has your lust gone? – now I am torn.