definitely nice..

miserable, you are,
flowers paled, happily,
mercury drifted morning winds,
sharpened edges,

Dancers hated your wounds, scarves,
rest assured, Granny is there for you …
she loves you even if,
leaves abandon skinny trees, and
your sun burns; she adores you,

Enjoy dispelled hope and memories never retrieved,
pointless as speechless;
bleeding dark hatred.

Beloved winter, remedy narrow graves;
pick her up from underneath, and
be nice to her; definitely nice.


A Butterfly in Love.

Kate, did pregnancy made you extra dormant?

The Husband is craving for attraction, and…

More often, Your mind with the baby.

Every night, the guy is still waiting for your move.

Mundane, the nights became.

Misty, the Winter days,

Got him discharged

He starts to shy away,

Hard to approach, you became.

Dear, you will soon lose the one and only post.

A Butterfly in love invited him to her nest.