..”Do You?”..

Do you understand trampled emotions?

Fed up; Do you?

Do you really understand your improvisations?

Does it seem defected?

Incompleteness; Do you care?

Lame signs; how many Do you?

Late adolescence inspirational; Do you?

Dry emotional attachment; Do you spiteful?

Illogically counterproductive rebel; Do you?

Narrow dark prominence; Do you manage?

Returned loved ones; dialogue refusal; Do you?

Challenge corrupted soul; Do you?

Developed arrogance; Do you?

Sophisticated ‘’Do You’’ concepts! Did you?


The man with a tummy

Last summer he started a harsh diet to get rid of his relatively projected tummy. All he wanted to do is to please you. He leaned and played you devil blues, took you for a three weeks’ vacation to Asia. Unfortunately, you are still murmuring,’’ I am not comfortable and just cannot tolerate him any more’’.

Dear, think about this, is he kind, gentle, caring? Is he stubborn? Or all you wanted is your freedom? Is it only because of his tummy or there are other concerns, thoughts, plans? Failing to convince yourself, then is it an intricate end or a very fancy start? Beware of freezing tears of regret; left depleted, un hugged, lonely, and churned with sadness. Well, never mind last summer dear; another false good old days. Do you still think that he is the only pale reality in life-once freed? Keen to be, once more alive. Can you elaborate further please? The end blossom looms.

a jar of clay..

Reconciling between the way she will deplete your feelings and how miserable you became AlFonso takes mighty courage. Yes, I heard your scream of anger; mistakenly hating your life with her. You made lots of mistakes, wasting opportunities of marriage reunion. Obsession prevails, darkness fills your summer vacation hoping love will diminish before the next business day. Sara was lovely, she loved and supported you for the last twenty-three years.

It is so hard for you mate to know that for all those years you wanted to break free to a different concept of life..a life full of energy, laughter were you wonna jog barefooted on the beach after sunset. Yes, I remember you telling me, Sara hated the beach after dark, it makes her feel declined, smashed in a jar of clay. Mate, do you still enjoy Sara after a short trip to a dark beach?

too late…

When you start to see any other female as a super pretty model expect your own woman, it is surely a froth glitch my friend Alfonso.

On day you will regret it, then there will be no turning back brother. Hold her tight, hug her and let her feel your heart beats. No doubt then you will have plenty of happiness stories to tell. Catch the moment before it is too late mate.

dark alley..

How do you feel now Al fonso? Head full of grey hair, weak knees, you barely can lift her now. Come one mate, do not tell me you have forgotten the good old days when you have twisted muscles and six-back stomach.

Well, try to call her, you might get another chance to be loved. I know your feelings, she is still your favorite, a cute blond with a high heals and a leather mini black skirt. Got familiar of being stuck in your dark room smoking and then go to sleep drunk; missing a melody.

Your saxophone got rusted, craving for your fingers, pick it up and let us hear ”Feelings” the way you used to play while she dances with the grey-haired; those days, you were a man full of energy, life was so generous. Now and after twenty one years, it is a thwart to lose beloved ones; imprisoned in life’s dark alley till dooms day.


the kid..

Alfonso mate, we did discus this last year; remember? She fooled you just to spend the summer till her angel returns from his vacation. Now, please stop telling her to read your mind, start teaching her how to feel your pains.

Gosh mate, you keep on telling me that you are crazy in love with her and you dream of her every night. Believe me, nothing lasts forever; surely i remember; she told you that. Try to remind her of the very first lesson she tough you; on a dark branch of life where time got frozen to find yourself as a father of handsome little boy. By the way Alfonso, did she tell you his name yet?

Alfonso, Alfonso mate, are you okay? just open your eyes mate..please.. hang on!! you look so pale. Gosh, sure mate i will call the ambulance…yes mate, i can hear you…go ahead, i am listing…

….i am dying…i need to hold the the kid.