Texture; Manhood

Adam is still confronting tons of blockades since he embarked on a journey to achieve a long desired radical revolution to own present routine. A journey to generate pleasures that transfers him-as a man through time to his mid-twenties. The enthusiasm has accompanied him for years as he was held back by prehistoric traditions pinnedContinue reading “Texture; Manhood”

from a distance..

an elegance shines.. lips with a flair.. curves under brown hair.. a hair darkens.. lay down and wait.. a dawn of sadness.. can you hate? everybody’s else madness.. sacrificed youth.. never told a truth.. midnight at a bar.. Havana cigar.. materialistic thus out to a star.. leave me now… blessed in a graveyard.. clouds collapsed..Continue reading “from a distance..”

my sister!!..

Last year, she shined when she got a pay raise.. this year she was extra positive that he will ask her to marry him.. yep.. life will sparkle again.. last month, bad news loomed spread in town this week she felt it..roamers defined.. tonight he stepped in hugging a partner.. a young blond surrounded withContinue reading “my sister!!..”

Elusive Charms.

Again, he is fascinated with her Elusive Charms. Ex-lover is back after long Holding rickety enthusiasm Vowing for his woman’s tenderness As he approaches, Her breathes goes Chaotic Stiffly, She can feel his finger tips Her curves shiver, Her Head spins Revealing sweetened memories Her Eyes blurred; Should I allow him, again.? She wonders. No,Continue reading “Elusive Charms.”