toxic knowledge..

complications; at day..

during night, further deeper complication..

being single, complication..

being married, with or without kids, complications…

be it happy or sad youth; complicated

being in love; somehow complex..

lost beloved ones or meet new ones; complicates your misery…

rich or poor, through out summer or spring, complicated..

still searching for a job or once employed, complex formula..

the good old days, seems less complicated..

funeral day; complex?

yes, your funeral mate..

feel it none!…toxic knowledge.


..”Do You?”..

Do you understand trampled emotions?

Fed up; Do you?

Do you really understand your improvisations?

Does it seem defected?

Incompleteness; Do you care?

Lame signs; how many Do you?

Late adolescence inspirational; Do you?

Dry emotional attachment; Do you spiteful?

Illogically counterproductive rebel; Do you?

Narrow dark prominence; Do you manage?

Returned loved ones; dialogue refusal; Do you?

Challenge corrupted soul; Do you?

Developed arrogance; Do you?

Sophisticated ‘’Do You’’ concepts! Did you?

The Intouchable..

Frigid lusts…

Further frustration will do you no harm.

Drag ancient sarcastic glitches…

Lungs frothing; vague breath, terrified…

Death looms, blossom intensifies…

Nasty genies fled volcano…

Sick of pale lava bubble,

So, she can still damn your improvisations…

Activate body language, huh, dunk till dawn…

Churned wine fills cracked clay jars…

Fragmented memory; of Alzheimer…

Skinny grey- haired..can you hear me?..


Disrupted mentor, body laid, never mind it,

Ironically, a bittersweet Intouchable; he remains.


the tailor

seven in the morning, he wakes up

move out of his be slowely like a snake

she must not observe his movement

reach to his shop at nine,traffic jam

no, he has to pass by the city collage to see someone

who is studying psychology, in her twenties

does she mind a tailor, over fifty one?

it looks like, she smiles back

his heart beats grow stronger..

the phone rings, darling i am awake

not feelin well, please come back home

i need to go to the clinic..

the tailor is confused now..

thought about it many times..

it is crazy, he went with a new destiny;

kept him in coma..


she is leaving tonight..

to a destiny; everlasting..

meaningless blossoms..

can not taste tulips..

feel my heart beats; never mind her now..

Manhattan, play the blues till dawn..

she dances alone..dark brown lips..

come back home and astonish the wolf again and again..

her curves sways…satin slim tiny dress..

hazel eyes; sick illusions…

lost in lust, com on over and play it now..

loneliness to sue you..

judged to fade in a desert..

do not be afraid…snakes went to Miami..

will be back with a divorce..


;ready to knee?..

…ease a devilish tantrum…..

..all the best with the endeavor..Gosh,

..once there, let us know the destination.

…enjoy the journey mate…

..sweet dreams filled of traces…

..traces of nobody, anybody will do.

..welcome aboard, the lost city, lost past, lost future, lost and still around hell..

..she is back.. are you ready;

…for another knee ??

..just can be nothin…

a successful business individual!!

a chess champion!!

a famous actress!!

a red carpet model!!

a poet!!

a blues pianist!!

a professor!!

a person with lots of friends; true ones!!

a talented fashion designer!!

a great parent!!

an unforgettable lover!!

livin in an ancient youth; stinks-

further notable in all aspects;

Rachel, one day you will be something,

when he returns…best case scenario, before dooms day.

now, just hang on there darlin….


From a distance

Watching lovers;

Sunshine blinds her dreams;

Golden angles surround dining table;

Yesterday gone astray;

No idea how to turn her on;

Ground beneath cracked;

Tribal fought all Summer,

Never got her back,

feeling cur; still?

leave darkness, enjoy winter,

you will hear that one day,

teacher fainted; pregnant?

never married,  lost in desert’s snow,

the wolf; the father..wandering along sandy beach,

understand?  feel denial,

your turn honey; hum it at dawn;

never from a distance. Tonight at least….

The man with a tummy

Last summer he started a harsh diet to get rid of his relatively projected tummy. All he wanted to do is to please you. He leaned and played you devil blues, took you for a three weeks’ vacation to Asia. Unfortunately, you are still murmuring,’’ I am not comfortable and just cannot tolerate him any more’’.

Dear, think about this, is he kind, gentle, caring? Is he stubborn? Or all you wanted is your freedom? Is it only because of his tummy or there are other concerns, thoughts, plans? Failing to convince yourself, then is it an intricate end or a very fancy start? Beware of freezing tears of regret; left depleted, un hugged, lonely, and churned with sadness. Well, never mind last summer dear; another false good old days. Do you still think that he is the only pale reality in life-once freed? Keen to be, once more alive. Can you elaborate further please? The end blossom looms.

a jar of clay..

Reconciling between the way she will deplete your feelings and how miserable you became AlFonso takes mighty courage. Yes, I heard your scream of anger; mistakenly hating your life with her. You made lots of mistakes, wasting opportunities of marriage reunion. Obsession prevails, darkness fills your summer vacation hoping love will diminish before the next business day. Sara was lovely, she loved and supported you for the last twenty-three years.

It is so hard for you mate to know that for all those years you wanted to break free to a different concept of life..a life full of energy, laughter were you wonna jog barefooted on the beach after sunset. Yes, I remember you telling me, Sara hated the beach after dark, it makes her feel declined, smashed in a jar of clay. Mate, do you still enjoy Sara after a short trip to a dark beach?