the kid..

Alfonso mate, we did discus this last year; remember? She fooled you just to spend the summer till her angel returns from his vacation. Now, please stop telling her to read your mind, start teaching her how to feel your pains.

Gosh mate, you keep on telling me that you are crazy in love with her and you dream of her every night. Believe me, nothing lasts forever; surely i remember; she told you that. Try to remind her of the very first lesson she tough you; on a dark branch of life where time got frozen to find yourself as a father of handsome little boy. By the way Alfonso, did she tell you his name yet?

Alfonso, Alfonso mate, are you okay? just open your eyes mate..please.. hang on!! you look so pale. Gosh, sure mate i will call the ambulance…yes mate, i can hear you…go ahead, i am listing…

….i am dying…i need to hold the the kid.


bittersweet life always;

faithless…no kidneys;

love went wickedly silly;

Grey haired..full chin;

chest! maybe;

sunshine goes blurred;

notoriously undone..will you?

game changes after fifty;

silky death signs looms;

dressed in white cotton;

carried to his tiniest ever dim space; the piano;;

enjoy harmonic tones;

with cowards in black;

angry?.. leaving behind good old bittersweet life;

for ever….

to rotten beneath; alone.

feeling good

That is what I call ”ASTRAL”; enjoy dears.


shy away

Alfonso my friend, get out of the encrusted zone, …

..” its not just something you take its given.“.. day, she will make you happy..

…fulfilled passion for love..

…then only, shy away.



The Soul Mate.

At New Year’s Eve, he stretched his thin legs and laid on the grey sofa, he holds tight the TV remote control, she wonders, will he ever set her favorite channel! That never happened before without a long argument and argument. Dear, will you make us coffee, she whispers. His lungs get full of air, polluted kinda slur.

I am watching the news, maybe after words; he replied with anger. She wanted to get crazy, but decided to calm down, this was always the case the last twenty years of a dreadful marriage; soul traits cracked on such a special night.

How come they never enjoyed a dinner!? Tonight, she prepared his favorite dish with broccoli salad and red wine. Ironically, what a miserable night, your perfumes are getting dried in their bottles, check the shelves. When he is going to smell it on your fancy black lace mini night fit? Time to let go the hipster to love. Insist for hugs of freedom; a soulmate milestone.


Transcendental youth

Was it really the case at the old cottage he inherited from his step father?
roars of compassion…
Get mind scan.
Chose panic or happiness once at a time..
Attentive to shades, any color would do..
Unless the wind blows, you are stuck in mud
I’d desire freaking sad eyes…
a phenomenal tragedy keeps you awake…
Madness pay attention to the mermaid as she screams…fallin…alone …
Inspired illusion of sadness..
Thus lovin senseless birthday present;
a bracelet, stained, blurred, cracked by tears.
Mermaid, adored bracelets around your tiny belly
At dawn, you tend to scream it out;
Stay hear youth, hate you dying…every night.
Leaving him stained with colors of muddy sadness.
let him enjoy the blossoms of youth before tragedies panics his soul off.



allow me granny..

just for the summer,

screams still silent,

late night fairy tale

a bellow of stone,

ants marching on curtains,

can not fall asleep,

snowing outside,

cold inside,

frozen sick,

asking for a permit

a temporary one,

that saves a slave,

move it, run,

smash it, be a fatigue

just do not stay static.


Fairy Tales.

Once upon a time..

Granny, please stop this. I have been hearing this rubbish for the last eighty-four years before going to sleep.

Why don’t you tell me a fairy tale about the ant that went to gym to fall in love with the conveyor’s butterfly; honeymoon in Vienna.

Or about the snake that panicked as the Mark seized her juniors before striking a deal to cure his wife if he returned her little ones; Mark’s wife is no longer blind now. little ones went to Walt Disney on the week end.

Or about the mermaid that I always wanted to be like; free and single wandering between oceans, laying on the beach of Osaka watching the stars. I am dying Granny, no one can hear my sorrows, including yourself…

Granny, Granny, Good night.


toxic.. is the time.

set your inner monster free..

while in sadness..

hug her..

till she screams..

till she bleeds..

till you hear bones crashing..

her last sway, before dawn,

she sees it..feels it..

inhale toxic..

damn it, sunshine..

silhouette; no more..



Come Fly With Me..

Silhouette; not gonna happen.

Still, you might enjoy the melody of it…