toxic.. is the time.

set your inner monster free..

while in sadness..

hug her..

till she screams..

till she bleeds..

till you hear bones crashing..

her last sway, before dawn,

she sees it..feels it..

inhale toxic..

damn it, sunshine..

silhouette; no more..



she remains.

Allergenic are his feelings when he hears her yelling..

you love me no more; why should I, he wonders.

faded charms, cold feelings, never-ending arguments.

a scull filled with grey hair, hopelessly trying to feel something,

while she adores temptation

joy blew up insane minds

seductive attempts, failed..

dear, try one last time that old song

voices fly shy, dead tones,

traps just wont work

no more, admit it,

after all those years, she is…

still bleeding, still craving for him;

cloaked behind a misty smile, she remains.

surrender; maybe she will not.

she remains…a fighter.