definitely nice..

Winter, miserable, you are, flowers paled, happily, mercury drifted morning winds, sharpened edges, Dancers hated your wounds, scarves, rest assured, Granny is there for you … she loves you even if, leaves abandon skinny trees, and your sun burns; she adores you, Enjoy dispelled hope and memories never retrieved, pointless as speechless; bleeding dark hatred.Continue reading “definitely nice..”

A dead forest

Eventually, bottom Oak tree branch will fail under increasing consignments from a supreme thicker one that has thicker and bigger leaves. Leaves that allowed no sunshine to nourish deprived skinny branch that had always been thirsty for sunlight. Apes swings around under leave’s shade enjoying free food; breeding in summer. Forgotten the long lived agony’sContinue reading “A dead forest”

she remains.

Allergenic are his feelings when he hears her yelling.. you love me no more; why should I, he wonders. faded charms, cold feelings, never-ending arguments. a scull filled with grey hair, hopelessly trying to feel something, while she adores temptation joy blew up insane minds seductive attempts, failed.. dear, try one last time that oldContinue reading “she remains.”