blog posts to book

I was just wondering, how hard is it to generate a book out of ones blog posts!

Well, ideas might be collected. But, writing a book/ novel might be a bit unachievable.

I would like to know your valuable thoughts about this matter?.


Hard, but worth it..


”If you find that writing is hard, it’s because it is hard.”- William Zinsser.

Writing in English as a second language is extra harder. However, I enjoy it. It introduced me to new vocabularies. Loved the challenge to synchronize strange sentences; sometimes, that lead to generating unexpected prose.

I am grateful to you gorgeous guys out there who followed or visited my posts. Surely, you make my day.



Hi mates..

This is very challenging to start a total new venture after fifty. So, I thought to present random, short illusions/thoughts that can be developed to a sort of a short imaginary story; hopefully within a year. In addition, writing in English is another challenge as it is not my mother tongue language, I kind a like that. This is the very first writing experience apart form my Masters’ degree dissertation and a published research paper related to my profession ; hope it goes well.

Kindly, excuse my poor English, my apologies for any mistake that I am happy to correct it once discovered.