just imagine..

..A sublime still in a wedding night;

regardless of a carious theory;

she will be neglected;

never mind deep misery;

it was last century;

grand son in a cradle;

down to earth;

diverse, still unisex…


in a nest shell..

dear , it is ‘ in a nut shell’.

sorry but your English is weak,

did they teach you English at school?.


but why is that?

maybe they think it is a luxury..

but they teach you French, right.


never mind, it is not a luxury,

is it the masters’ language? not sure..

some schools followed, so did coffee shops.

forget about the delivery guy,

it was his granny who lived in the nest shell.

what on earth the grey-haired will think!

sheriff might tell.

The Homeless..

A Kodak photo that may have been taken in 1807 portraits a homeless skinny grey haired man. Maybe he escaped the starvation. In another thought, the poverty, or a misleading judgement of a so called creatures; kind a….

homeless 111

In all cases, he seems as if he ran for ages, his jacket was taken away midway to the village. A jacked he did not tailor its pockets. Those were not meant for a fancy Channel wallet. His eyes were pale yellow, just close to his tiny chin. He laid down on his site facing the camera man, the back ground as a roller shutter of a local pastry shop. The owner was anything but a generous guy. The homeless lips cracked of thirst and hunger burned out his muscles. Left him craving for anything edible, maybe a left-over piece of bread hoping to dip it in water instead of honey before totally enjoying its refreshing blossom. The homeless recaps ancient memories; temporary though before waking up to the last scene of a zombies’ carnival.